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4WD = 4X The Adventure With APT

While so much of the world has been redefined in the past 12 months, what is adventure – the thrills, the chase, the discovery – is immutable. And no virus can tell us otherwise.

While so much of the world has been redefined in the past 12 months, what is adventure – the thrills, the chase, the discovery – is immutable. And no virus can tell us otherwise.

Adventure isn’t just the destination. It helps, sure, but it’s also the exploration, the newness, and the ride you use to make it happen. APT’s 4WD tours are the epitome of a luxury adventure holiday as it comes without the sacrifice of comfort. You could, of course, find some low-cost, high-effort way to reach some of the exotic destinations in the APT brochure, but call us bougie; we’d rather arrive in style than sweat.

What Happens on Tour…

Marvel at the majesty of Cathedral Gorge

So, what happens on a 4WD holiday (aside from no one making you lug your belongings on your back)? This is not like Vegas; we can actually tell you that what goes on tour.

First up, being on an APT 4WD adventure doesn’t mean you’re spending days racing across rugged terrain just for the heck of it. With 90 years of domestic touring under their belt, APT has perfected the formula for balanced itineraries. An average day might include exploration of remote terrain by 4WD, gasp-worthy scenery, drool-worthy locally inspired cuisine, and, if you’re lucky (on select tours) stay at one of APT’s luxury Wilderness Lodges.


APT’s custom-built 4WD vehicle crossing the Pentecost River

Acronyms (and the bitumen) aside, APT’s custom-designed, state-of-the-art 4WD vehicles ensure that the rough and ready terrain is handled in style. All at the hands of an experienced driver-guide who could give that kid in Baby Driver a run for his money (only if they had to, y’know?). You may still get a bit of red centre dust in your hair, but you’re not trading adventure with safety, comfort, or your stress levels.

You get it all!

Take an included scenic helicopter flight over Mitchell Falls

Especially unexplored roads, like the sprawling, wilderness adventure across Queensland’s Old Telegraph Track. Or maybe it’s more your jam to take a wild ride across the red-rocky terrain of Kimberley’s gorges, cattle stations, and secluded swimming holes along the way on APT’s 15-day Kimberley Complete tour? We also love the trip out to Simpsons Gap and Uluru to connect with country, which you can do on the 7-day Central Australia Escape tour.

Wilderness Lodges

Enjoy a 2 night stay at APT’s exclusive Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge

The APT wilderness lodges bring a touch of luxury to the wilderness. Where previously you would only have had the option to sleep rough (think tent, swag, or crammed in the back of

a ute), but some clever person has designed a more effortless way to enjoy natures finest. APT took the lead on this one, building three exclusive wilderness lodges in the Kimberley. And they’re all Advanced Ecotourism Certified. Yeah!

Instead of heading out of the region at the end of a touring day, you get to nestle into your deluxe, en-suite tented cabins, close to the Bungle Bungle Range, Bell Gorge, or Mitchell Falls. All unrivalled experiences, especially when you can watch a famous Kimberley sunset with a drink in hand while tuning into the birdcall of the 500 species that call the region home! Bliss.

Home Sweet Home (Comforts)

If your tour doesn’t include one of APT’s exclusive tented lodges, don’t think it means your accommodation is any less special. Nope. APT knows how to bring a destination to life by carefully selecting the best accommodation available. Like the Grand Hotel on Thursday Island on the 10-day Journey Through Tropical North Queensland tour. Or Kununarra Country Lodge on the short-and-sweet 5-day Kimberley Express.

How Far Do You Want to Go?

Toast the day with a glass of bubbly as the sun sets over the iconic Bungle Bungle Range

APT likes a far-flung destination, but how far flung are we talking here? If it’s rugged, pretty hard to reach, and worthy of being called an adventure, APT runs tours there. APT makes unseen Australia… well… seen.

Some of Australia’s most magical parts are its most remote, but that doesn’t mean they should go in your’ too hard’ travel basket. Consider APT like the bouncer that can get you into the private VIP area of the club. If you’re in the know, then your name is down, and you can come in. Their 4WD tours gain you access to Australia’s true wilderness in style.

No Witchy Grubs for Tea

Going bush doesn’t mean going bush tucker – it’s not I’m a Celebrity! Your palate will thank you for choosing APT as they make delectable meals and fine wine as high a priority as choosing epic, experienced guides. Mmmm, how does a three-course dinner prepared by your Wilderness Lodge resident chef sound? Or sunset drinks at the Bungle Bungle Range as the sun sets and the domes turn from orange to deep crimson blue?

An additional mouth-watering itinerary worth highlighting is the 12-day Tasmania Complete. It’s an exploration that’s as much about your tastebuds as the incredible Tassie scenery. Pro tip: bring stretchy pants.

Automobiles, Airplanes, & APT

Around the same time that automobiles, airplanes, washing machines, radios, fridges, razors, and television were being invented, a young lad called Bill started ferrying people around Melbourne, and APT was born. Of course, in true Aussie spirit, Melbourne was too close to home, and APT kept expanding, with over 70 countries on their (pre-COVID) tour list. We’d take travel inventiveness over television any day!

APT’s trips are not all by 4WD, of course. APT can show you the highlights, thrills, and nuances of a destination by land, air, and sea.

To find out more about APT’s 4WD Adventures, click here, speak to your travel agent, or call APT on 1300 196 420.

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