A holiday should be a holiday for everyone – not just mum and dad, and not just for the kids. And although it may sound hard to achieve in real life, it’s actually quite easy to pull off…

Well, that’s assuming you choose to stay somewhere that totally gets that family holidays should make everyone happy.

Somewhere that understands that each member of the tribe should be able to have fun and relax whilst still making it possible to share quality time with each other.

Somewhere like… Club Med, who are the experts at providing all-inclusive holiday experiences that everyone will enjoy.

Here’s five ways Club Med makes holidaying with the family so, so easy.


1. Club Med are all-Inclusive

Make a booking with Club Med and your holiday pretty much begins as soon as you set foot in one of their beautiful resorts.

Everything from your food (gourmet meals, snacks with international delicacies, and traditional local cuisine), to your drinks (courtesy of a premium open bar: beer, wine, spirits and cocktails), to your activities (glass bottom kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, flying trapeze lessons depending on the resort), nightly entertainment and kids clubs are included.

Oh, your accommodation and transfers are also included too, just in case you were wondering!


2. Club Med are pretty much everywhere

Whether you’re craving the snow or the sun, odds are extremely high that there’s a Club Med in that beautiful part of the world you’ve been itching to tick off that travel bucket list of yours.

With over 25 snow resorts throughout Asia and Europe, and over 45 sun destinations worldwide, Club Med are pretty much everywhere, and each resort offers a vast selection of opportunities to try something new, immerse in local culture, revive body and mind, and give back to the local community and environment.


3. Club Med are the pioneers of Kids clubs


Remember at the start of the article where we talked about everyone having the right to enjoy their holiday? Well it’s the Club Med kids clubs that are totally responsible for giving both parents and the kids the best time ever!

Kids clubs are an absolute riot of fun for the little ones, pairing professional holiday childcare with local experiences that teach and entertain at the same time. For example, on snow holidays, kids are taught how to ski or given the chance to play around in the snow under full supervision. Whilst in summer, kids can play in the pool, learn arts and crafts or even learn the flying trapeze.

Meanwhile, parents can have some much-needed time off to simply relax, pursue their own activities, or whatever – it is your holiday after all!


4. The whole family can enjoy activities together


A family holiday isn’t really a family holiday without quality time spent together doing things that everyone enjoys. Again, Club Med have nailed this part of the holiday experience by offering guests a range of activities that appeal to the whole family, young and old.

Surely everyone loves snorkelling through water gardens, walking through nature trails, or snow sledding through wintery wonderlands? We think YES!


5. There’s awesome Kids Pricing available now

If the above reasons weren’t enough to swing you over to Club Med, how about some insanely cool kids pricing deals that will put more money in your pocket for your next holiday?

We’re talking pricing deals such as kids under 4 staying free; kids 4-11 saving up to 40 percent; and kids 12-17 saving up to 20 percent. But hurry though, as these deals are only valid up until 18 May.

Learn more about Club Med here and experience how easy it is to holiday with the experts.

What is your favourite part of staying at Club Med?

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