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6 Things You Can Expect On A Private Jet Air Tour With APT

APT is excited to take you to the skies with its newest travel style - Private Jet Air Tours. So we've spoken to them to find out the top 6 things you can expect on one of these unique travelling experiences.

APT is excited to take you to the skies with its newest travel style – Private Jet Air Tours. So we’ve spoken to them to find out the top 6 things you can expect on one of these unique travelling experiences.

APT is proud to be showcasing Australia from a different vantage point with its recently launched tours for 2021… PRIVATE JET TOURS!

From Cape York to Uluru, King and Kangaroo Islands to the Kimberley, and more, these tours will have you flying across vast distances in a fraction of the time it would take for traditional touring.

So why should you choose this style of travel?

Well, we’ve spoken to APT to get you the lowdown on what to expect when stepping aboard a Private Jet Air Tours – and we have a good feeling it’s going to exceed any expectations you may have already!

1. A new travel style, equipped for a new world

APT Private Jet

During what has been a challenging time for the industry in 2020, APT swiftly adapted its approach to travel by introducing a number of new travel styles, including the latest initiative, Private Jet Air Tours.

The company recognises while challenges still exist, the eagerness to travel continues to grow, therefore new ways to travel are required.

APT is well prepared for the ‘new normal’, with all tours meeting APT’s
and its airline partner’s health and safety protocols.

2. They know how to roll out the red carpet

APT Private Jet

APT has harnessed its extensive travel knowledge and expertise to ensure each moment spent above or on ground exceeds expectations.

Each tour offers handpicked accommodation where guests will stay in comfortable properties within the region. Ease of transit with private departure terminals in most locations.

A dedicated APT tour director, exclusive experiences and gourmet dining
are all included, encompassing everything APT guests already love about its tours!

3. A lineup of landmarks from a bird’s-eye view

APT Private Air

You can truly say the sky’s the limit!

Uniquely designed flight paths ensure sweeping views over iconic landscapes, and include special ‘figure 8’ flyovers above selected sights so everyone gets a bird’s-eye view.

Each tour offers a new perspective of Australia’s iconic landmarks, absorbing aerial vistas including Uluru, Lake Eyre, Wilpena Pound and the Marree Man.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

APT Private Jet

Now is the best time for your clients to check off their dream Australian destinations they have always wanted to discover.

APT has the country covered with its iconic locations. Greater distances are also covered in a shorter time, so guests will be able to make the most of what each region has to offer on the ground.

While on the ground, guests will enjoy included activities allowing for an in-depth exploration of the area.

Guests could be experiencing the thrill of standing at the tip of Cape York, swimming with Whale Sharks in Ningaloo Reef or exploring the marine paradise of the Great Barrier Reef – just to name a few unforgettable moments!

5. Feeling good and flying high

APT Private Air

The best feeling for your clients would be knowing that they are supporting our local tourism industry by holidaying here this year and in 2021.

The APT Travel Group is proud to be escorting these new tours, and as pioneers of domestic travel, has been leading the way in travelling to Australia’s remote destinations since the 1960’s.

6. Already a great success!

Image: Nathalie Craig

Did we mention that this new travel style has already been tried and tested with APT guests?

In September, APT had its first departure and was an instant success.

Guests thoroughly enjoyed nine days exploring Outback Queensland and a second departure in November.

So you can rest assured these itineraries will be a hit with your clients!

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