Austria takeover
Austria takeover

7 epic travel experiences Australian travellers didn't expect to do this year

Chimu Adventures has launched a unique travel campaign highlighting a plethora of exciting travel experiences to help Aussies explore some of the world's most remote and fascinating regions without ever leaving the Antipodes.

Chimu Adventures has launched a unique travel campaign highlighting a plethora of exciting travel experiences to help Aussies explore some of the world’s most remote and fascinating regions without ever leaving the Antipodes.

Responding to the travelling Australian’s frustrations of being limited to journeys across the wide brown land, ‘Beyond the Backyard’, is a campaign that takes the traveller to some of the planet’s most unique locations, whilst remaining within Australian or New Zealand borders.

From some of the most densely populated wildlife hotspots in the world, to icy landscapes of nature on an unfathomable scale and a world-first exclusive flight to the South Pole, here are Chimu’s top 7 travel experiences Australian travellers didn’t expect to do this summer.

1. Cruise through Australia and New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic Islands


Between Antarctica and the Australian and New Zealand mainlands lay a string of Sub-Antarctic islands – most of them mere specks in the Southern Ocean not even shown on most world maps. These rarely visited islands contain some of the densest concentrations of wildlife found anywhere in the world.

2. Join a world-first exclusive expedition scenic flight to the South Pole

Chimu South Pole

This flight is the ultimate bucket-lister’s journey! Not possible from anywhere else in the world. Designed for the keen adventurer, aching to learn about the great explorers Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen, this flight will have lucky travellers retracing their remarkable routes on an expedition flight across the continent of Antarctica, all the way to the South Pole.

The roughly 16-hour flight is the only one of its kind departing from Australia. 

3. Depart from Australia or New Zealand on the ultimate once in a lifetime expedition cruise to Antarctica


Australia and New Zealand are cruise gateways to visit the incredible sights of East Antarctica. Australian travellers can take advantage of their unique global position to travel all the way south to Australia’s remote Antarctic territory this summer without officially travelling internationally.

East Antarctica is nature on an unfathomable scale – home to vast seas, giant ice shelves, incredible icebergs, and historic huts from the heroic age of Antarctic exploration. And if you’re lucky, you may even spot an emperor penguin on your journey.

4. Celebrate the New Year in style with a scenic flight over Antarctica

Chimu South Pole
Antarctic is pretty impressive from above.

For travellers looking to kick off the shackles of the past year, Chimu Adventures is offering Australians the chance to board a dedicated New Year’s Eve Antarctica flight.

Departing from Melbourne airport, lucky travellers will gaze upon the dazzling landscapes of Antarctica whilst sipping on champagne and enjoying live entertainment in the midnight sun.

5. Explore the fjords of New Zealand via small-ship cruises

Milford Sound Fiordland ©Rob Suisted
Milford Sound Fiordland – Image: Rob Suisted

New Zealand’s fjords are home to a host of endemic penguin and seal species. Australian travellers can take advantage of the New Zealand travel bubble to explore this spectacular region of the world.

6. Gaze upon stunning landscapes, coastlines, and ancient glaciers on an Antarctica Day Flight

Chimu Tips

Antarctica Day Flights provide a completely different experience from traditional ship-based expeditions. Flying over the continent, lucky passengers gain an incredible appreciation of Antarctica’s sheer size and scale while a team of onboard experts help explain the landscapes and history below.

7. Be mesmorised by the dancing Aurora Australia

Chimu South Pole
A unique view of the Southern Lights

Chimu’s dedicated Southern Lights Flights take lucky travellers far away from light pollution, high above the clouds and weather systems, to see a magical and unforgettable display with an uninterrupted view of the southern lightsThe Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) is one of nature’s most incredible scenes. Lighting up the southern skies in dramatic formations, the dancing lights of the Aurora Australis have only been witnessed by a lucky few.

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