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Appetising Arlberg: The Ultimate Austrian Alps Food Pairing

Did you know nestled between the borders of the Tirol and Vorarlberg provinces, you'll find Arlberg, Austria's OG snowy wonderland? Known as the cradle of skiing, the Arlberg region is not only a popular winter destination but comes alive in the warmer months when the mountain ranges blossom with lush green grass and colourful wildflowers. From biking and hiking to leisure and wellness, Arlberg offers something for everyone.

With five charming villages, the Arlberg region is the Austrian Alps at its most alluring, seeping with history, stunning landscapes, and mouth-watering cuisine.

During the winter months, the region transforms into its very own snowglobe with a blanket of fluffy snow coating the villages. In the summer, the hills come alive with the sound of music (and some absolutely stunning landscapes!)

Alberg is not only a nature lovers paradise, but it is also home to some of Austria’s best restaurants. Whether you’re visiting for the sun or snow, a wholesome Austrian meal will stay with you long after you’ve said Auf Wiedersehen

We have done the hard yards and paired each village of Arlberg with a traditional Alpine meal. Which one will be your favourite?

1. St. Anton – the one that has everything

Hiking, St. Anton

This delightful mountain village and ski resort is the epitome of the Tirolean lifestyle. Popular for its pristine slopes and exciting ski runs as well as its plethora of outdoor activities available year-round, St. Anton really has it all.

Pair with: Brettljause 

Brettljause can be roughly translated to ‘snack on a board’, which is exactly what you’ll need after a big day exploring St. Anton. This Austrian grazing board will have something for everyone with flavourful cured meats, fragrant cheeses and rustic homemade bread.

2. St. Christoph – The one where it all began

St. Christoph © Patrick Baetz

Perched on the mountains some 1,800 metres above sea level, St. Christoph is among one of the highest Alpine resorts in Austria. What was once a hospice for weather-stricken hikers in the 14th century, St. Christoph became the founding place of the Ski-Club Arlberg, an iconic institution started in 1901.

Pair with: Käsespätzle

Käsespätzle is a simple dish that packs a punch. Think of it as an Alpine mac n cheese, with its gooey cheesy sauce and soft egg noodles. Uncomplicated, full of flavour and perfect for those chasing hearty, homely food.

3. Stuben – the one that’s small in size but big in character

Stuben Arlberg ©Austrian National Tourist Office / Nina Baumgartner

Snuggled between St. Anton and Lech, the romantic village of Stuben is ideal for those who don’t want to be too far from the action but still favour peace and quiet. Dwarfed by the looming Albona mountain that sits above the village, Stuben might be the unassuming one of the Arlberg Five however what it lacks in size, it makes up in flavour.

Pair with: Riebel

Favoured by mountain farmers for many years, riebel is a simple, yet heart-warming dish. Consisting of corn and wheat semolina, cooked with milk and salt, this polenta-like dough requires few ingredients to create a meal brimming with Alpine heritage.

Lech Arlberg ©Hanno Mackowitz

For an elegant Tirolean experience that has it all, you better add Lech to your bucket list. A scenic discovery both in summer and winter, Lech is a popular option for travellers looking to have everything at their fingertips.

Pair with: Knödel 

Delightfully doughy Knödel is an Austrian favourite that will keep everyone happy. These tasty dumplings come in so many different flavours they are almost their own food group! From sweet apricot dumplings to savoury options filled with locally sourced speck, there’s a Knödel for all tastebuds.

5. Zürs – the one that’s a little bit quiet

If Lech is the main character, think of Zürs as the charming best friend. Equally as beautiful as its nearby neighbour but without the noise and crowds, Zürs is ideal for travellers looking to be nearby to the action but have their own space.

Pair with: Gröstl

Potato and bacon are both delicious in their own right however roasted together with onions and spices, you have a scrumptious dish on your hands. This unpretentious, traditional meal has long been the local farmer’s favourite in the mountains.

If this doesn’t leave your mouth watering for an Austrian Alpine adventure, visit their website to learn more about the five villages of Arlberg. You can find information about each village, where to stay and most importantly, what to eat!

For more information on Alpine culture, nature, and food click here.

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