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APT is making holiday dreams a reality with Small Ship Expedition Cruises

APT has released its Small Ship Expedition Cruises for 2022 and 2023, ready to make your next holiday one to remember, with the help of magnificent wildlife, exquisite food, remarkable views and more.

APT has released its Small Ship Expedition Cruises for 2022 and 2023, ready to make your next holiday one to remember, with the help of magnificent wildlife, exquisite food, remarkable views and more.

What’s on your ultimate travel list? Even if you didn’t have a bucket list before, APT says it is willing to bet post-lockdown you have a few new travel dreams to tick off, and many of them can be found surprisingly close to home.

For travellers who are ready to make their travel dreams come true, APT has released no less than 14 Small Ship Expedition Cruises across Australia and New Zealand, with departures in 2022 and 2023 on sale now.

So, which dream experience will you tick off the list first?

Snorkel in crystal clear waters

Marine turtles photographed on the beautiful Ningaloo Reef of western Australia.

If you have found yourself fantasising about swimming in azure blue waters ASAP, APT’s Small Ship Expedition cruise Colours of the Coral Coast will make bring your daydreams to life.

This special tour along Western Australia’s coastline touches on the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef, where you can dive amongst some of nature’s most beloved marine animals, sea turtles and whale sharks.

And if that wasn’t enough for the memory bank, APT guests will also get up close with the famous dolphins at Monkey Mia, yet another gem of WA boasting a picture-perfect stretch of turquoise sea.

Travel a remote and unspoilt coastline

Caledonian Sky on the Kimberley Coast
Caledonian Sky on the Kimberley Coast

The advantage of APT’s boutique size small ship MS Caledonian Sky is being able to get up close and personal to Australia’s breathtaking coastline, and trust us when you visit the Kimberley Coast, you are going to want to have the best seat in the house.

The signature Kimberley Cruise is a must for anyone looking to have their breath taken away, offering an itinerary of ‘must-sees’ including the phenomenon that is Montgomery Reef, an extraordinary spectacle transformed by some of the biggest tidal changes on Earth.

Plus, with brand new itineraries released for the new year, there are even more secluded and pristine regions to explore in style.

Spend more time with nature (and adorable wildlife)

King penguin colony on Macquarie Island in Australia

After too much inside time watching cute cat videos online, there is nothing more invigorating than being surrounded by the natural world and living, breathing, wildlife.

New for 2022, APT is offering the Subantarctic Islands Expedition, the perfect cruise for recharging and returning to nature… whilst experiencing the wonders of both New Zealand’s North and South islands of course.

The ship’s onboard naturalists will ensure you never miss a moment to marvel, including a special introduction to the island’s most lovable residents; King penguins, sea lions and elephant seals.

And if that isn’t awe-inspiring enough, a visit to the Milford Sound fjord area should do the trick.

Delight in gourmet food, and even better wine!

APT Chefs

What is life without good food and wine? We don’t know, and on an APT cruise, we definitely won’t find out!

Every APT cruise includes signature dining experiences, giving guests the opportunity to sample the very best local produce on offer, in an appropriately luxurious setting.

The itinerary aboard Tasmania’s Wilderness Coast small ship expedition cruise is sure to be a standout for self-proclaimed foodies looking for their next culinary experience.

Tasmania’s climate is infamously perfect for produce, ensuring every mouthful is a delight, and after indulging in the Tamar Valley Wine Route, there will be no shortage of vino to accompany your perfect meal.

Enjoy every moment

Fitzroy Island, Australia

From dining in world-class restaurants to meeting the locals for unique cultural encounters, APT can bring you the standout experiences that help you discover each destination in depth.

And with an expert crew at your service, and all accommodation and meals as specified are included in your fare, you will have nothing to worry about except making the most of every moment of your #ArrivalRevival tour.

Click here for more information, or talk to the awesome APT Travel Group team to find out more about these amazing small ship cruises.