How many of us go on holidays to live in the moment but get stuck to our phones instead? Why limit your view of the world to a screen when you could be viewing it through the crisp air of Antarctica on an Antarctica cruise.

We are all guilty of spending too much time behind our screens, knowing that REAL experiences usually top those of the digital kind.

Chimu Adventures have mastered the art of the digital detox, so we’ve come up with a comparable list of 5 reasons you should switch up your digital life for Polar life! 


1. Scroll on Insta Vs. Stroll across the Snow

We all know an innocent scroll on insta often results in being pulled into the vortex of the virtual world. Next minute, 3 hours have gone by and we’re left deflated and uninspired.

Well, how about stretching your legs and taking on the powdery slopes on one of Chimu’s snowshoeing adventures instead! Explore the spectacular scenery and reach places that would be a struggle with ordinary snow boots. Discover a different side of Antartica and have fun while doing it!

You will come across some of the most breathtaking landscapes you have ever seen, so, by all means, snap a picture, but post it later or you’ll miss something spectacular. #polarlife #chimuadventures


2. Checking emails Vs. Checking in with nature

Holidays are meant for leisure, free time and act as a break from ‘normal life’. With this in mind, it’s the perfect time to sign out of your emails and check-in with nature instead.

Tours to South Georgia won’t disappoint the wildlife lovers. Everything from King Penguins (Madagascar fans – eat your heart out!) to Macaroni Penguins, Black-Browed Albatross and Elephant Seals – there is something new to look at no matter where you turn.


3. Friend Requests online vs. Friends for Life

This is the true hidden beauty of small-ship cruising with Chimu – there are under 200 passengers per expedition. What does this mean?

That’s around 200 like-minded people with a passion for nature, preserving the Polar landscape & wanting to reconnect with themselves, nature and new friends (like, you!).


4. Downloading podcasts vs. the down-low from experts

If you’ve ever listened to a David Attenborough documentary or podcast you’ll no doubt have his commentating your entire trip! But leave the information download to the team of die-hard experts on board the Chimu Expeditions.

The crew provide educational lectures about the history, biology, geology and environmental threats these fragile landscapes are facing. The content is wildly exciting and relevant to the journey you are on so it’s the perfect time to sit back, learn and be truly present.


5. Online Presence vs. Bring Present in the moment

We feel this innate need to share our lives every second of the day. We’re all guilty; who can resist with an iPhone in your pocket and access to the Internet 24 hours of the day.

When you travel with Chimu and have the chance to explore the Polar Region you don’t have to completely cut yourself off from the world like Tom Hanks in Castaway. However, if you’re wanting to start your digital detox, there is no better place than the middle of the Arctic Circle!

Are you ready for your next holiday and digital detox? Check out how to jump on a Chimu Adventures expedition and enjoy the real world.




This article was written by KARRYON contributor Mel Bobbermien

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