Imagine if it was possible to have authentic dining experiences with locals in your sojourn across Europe that didn’t involve you knocking on a random’s front door and rubbing your belly to signal you’re hungry?

Well you can spare yourself the embarrassment guys, because Contiki is literally opening these front doors for you and introducing you to a dining revolution that’s taking the world by storm!

Available on all Contiki Independent Insider (and In-Depth Explorer) trips, an exciting new partnership with VizEat means that Aussie travellers can now break bread with locals in their homes, rooftop gardens and cooking schools and have an immersive dining experience that’s totally authentic, totally tasty, and totally memorable.

This forms part of Contiki’s Munch philosophy, which advocates a commitment to local, authentic and utterly delectable food experiences.

All members of the local VizEat have been vetted and selected for their culinary skillz, so you know you’ll be tucking into some mighty tasty grub! Indeed, what they all have in common is a passion for cooking and showing off their culinary heritage in truly authentic settings.

Are your tastebuds tingling yet? Well, here’s what’s waiting for you in Europe with Contiki…




Okay, so you’ve eaten about a dozen delicious egg tarts at those famous bakeries in the city centre, but now you’re totally excited about tucking into traditional Portuguese food (entrée, main and dessert) served in someone’s home in the centre of Lisbon.

Unique? Yep. Tasty? Yep? Do you BYO? Yep!

Whilst you’re making your way to Lisbon, perhaps on a Madrid – Lisbon trip, why not sign up for the Hidden Tapas Tour of Madrid, Porto Port Tasting & Tram Ride and Traditional Seafood Dinner on the Tagus River Lisbon free-time add-ons?




Don’t speak French but want to dine in restaurants that only locals go to? Well, with Contiki’s partnership with VizEat you’ll be able to hangout with real Parisians who’ll tell you where you can buy the freshest in-season ingredients if you fancy cooking up a storm, or show you the best hidden gems in their neighbourhoods that the tourist hoards don’t know about.

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The German capital is a dynamic city that’s continually pushing the limits of innovation, and it’s culinary scene is no different. Thanks to VizEat, you’ll be able to taste this first hand by sitting down to dinner with a real Berliner for a modern take on typical Berlin food, such as potato soup with bacon and caramelised sunflower seeds for a starter and a Berlin “currywurst” (sausage with curry) and spicy Onions, homemade curry sauce and sweet potatoes in a local’s home. Mmm!

The Berlin – Budapest trip also includes opportunities to add on a Progressive Food Tour of Berlin and a Czech Beer tasting in Prague.

So what are you waiting for?

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