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Airport Style: How the celebs do it

Swap your pyjamas for chic looks and still be at the epitome of comfort. How? Let Reese Witherspoon and Bradley Cooper be your muse.

Swap your pyjamas for chic looks and still be at the epitome of comfort. How? Let Reese Witherspoon and Bradley Cooper be your muse.


Don’t lie, we know you’ve done it – we’ve all worn our daggy trackies or even pyjamas for their sheer comfort when we fly. It is however possible to look great and still feel comfortable on the plane. Never look daggy again, channel these celebrities for inspiration and change the way you look at “plane clothes”.


Emma Stone


Emma Stone long found out that layering is the key to comfort whilst looking uber stylish. Stone’s layering game is strong and on-point. She starts with a simple jeans and thin sweater combo, adding an oversized cardigan, wool coat, simple beanie (perfect for hiding unruly hair) and the chunky scarf which adds instant cool factor. Perfect for weather and temperature changes whilst travelling (or winter in Melbourne).


Bradley Cooper


He played a legendary sniper in American Sniper and he certainly channels some of that bad-assery here. He keeps everything pretty dark and chose one accent colour, then peppered in some tough accessories like a leather jacket to give him some edge.


Marion Cotillard


Nominated for Best Actress in Two Days, One Night, the French actress channels street style with her outfit. The fits are loose for maximum comfort, and whilst her casual plaid shirt and straight fit jeans may not seem very chic, her use of metallic accessories steps up her style game. That along with her long tan wool coat, brings the look together.


Felicity Jones


If you haven’t seen The Theory of Everything, it’s time to make moves to see it. Felicity Jones was nominated for Best Actress for her role in the love story based on Stephen Hawking’s life. Here we’re commending her for her effortless style. She wears a jeans and converse combination that just screams comfort. The secret to bringing the look together? Her long wool coat, it’s a statement piece that just elevates the whole ensemble.


David Oyelowo


The KarryOn team are all looking forward to seeing David Oyelowo in Selma. The actor travels with the basics, the old tshirt and jeans combination keeping everything in plain colours, then ups the style factor (and comfort levels) with a chunky knit cardigan.


Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon is looking understated chic with slim jeans and a blazer. Before you think that you’ll never be comfortable in slim jeans, the key is stretch, they’re made of soft stretchy denim that you can move in, and the fit is slim not skinny. Her jumper is loose and comfortable, whilst the wool blazer could double as an extra blanket when you need the extra warmth. Top it off with the felt hat and you’ve got a look that can transition straight into post-flight plans.


Editor’s Choice: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend arrive at JFK airport in NYC

Fashion power couple much? Chrissy Teigen and John Legend turns JFK into a runway whilst still looking super comfortable. Chrissy wears comfy beat up jeans (with some ventilation), loose grey tee then dresses it up with a sheer cardigan and black blazer topped off with a stylish hat. Whilst, John goes all black and plays with textures, you know your style game is on point when you start going monochromatic and adding texture. Their luggage game will also have some heads turning.


Which one’s your favourite look?