We’re lucky to work in a fun and social travel industry with loads of events to go to, but what should you wear to work functions? We decode the tricky minefield of dress codes…



Kevin Dale (National Network Travel) and Penny Spencer (Spencer Travel Group) showing how the pros do it

These are a little bit tricky because they can have different guidelines, thankfully those guidelines are usually set out in the invitation or event details.

Play it safe here, wear what you would wear in the office.

Men: consider wearing a suit, or at the very least a blazer (bring a tie in case you need one).

Go with comfortable shoes, there tends to be a lot more standing and walking around in these conferences, so be prepared. Pro tip: be mindful that you may need to pin a name tag to your top.

Ladies, here are a couple of looks we liked:

conference1 conference2


Cocktail Events

Alex & Hannah De Lisle looking perfect, smart yet stylish

These are really fun social events but beware, it’s still a business event and you’re representing a company.

In business, networking is everything and these events are excellent for meeting the right people.

Just because it’s after hours doesn’t mean you’re off the clock.

General Electric CEO Jack Welch used to hold cocktail parties just to get a reading on junior executives, to separate those that knew how to make the most of the moment and those who only came for the open bar and buffet.

So what do you wear?

Dressy but conservative, avoid cleavage, conservative hemline, and nothing too flashy like neon or sequins.

Don’t be afraid to add little embellishments like one standout piece of jewellery.


Famil Trips

Rani Thompson – Flight Centre, Sophie Anderson – Destination HQ, Damien Currie – Intrepid Travel, Jade Morris – ETB News at the Global Happiness Famil, Thailand

You’re lucky enough to be invited to a ‘famil’ trip, awesome!

Remember, each family trip is different and you’ll often be told what is appropriate dress. Easy. But if they don’t specify it’s ok to ask.

Our tip once again is to bring the most comfortable shoes you own as famils are usually jam packed with activities and you’ll be running around soaking up everything that the destination has to offer.

Also, make sure to be respectful of your host country’s culture.

Check your itinerary and it will give you an idea of what you need to wear, be comfortable, and don’t forget to check our newsletter when you get back – there just might be a photo of your beautiful self there.

What is your must pack item on a famil trip? Let us know in the comments below.