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#KOGiftGuide: Gifts for the luxury traveller

Do you know a luxury traveller like Gian, KarryOn’s lifestyle editor? Consult his handy #KOGiftGuide to find out what to get them without breaking the bank!

Do you know a luxury traveller like Gian, KarryOn’s lifestyle editor? Consult his handy #KOGiftGuide to find out what to get them without breaking the bank!

Gian Reyes - Lifestyle Editor

What do you look for in a hotel?

This may seem weird but more than a big comfortable bed, I enjoy a nice big bathroom. I think it’s important for me because I make all of life’s big decisions in the shower.

You can tell a lot about a hotel by their bathrooms, their fixtures, the towels and of course the toiletry kit that they provide.


What do you blow your money on when you travel?

Outside of luxury hotels, I definitely blow my money on eating out. I’m a sucker for a restaurant with a combination of amazing views and great service, whilst there, I also tend to drink some nice premium alcoholic beverages; the bill tends to rack up quite quickly.

Gian Reyes - Lifestyle Editor

Tell us one of your unique travel habits.

I like to pretend I’m a local at any destination. I try to learn a few phrases and embarrass myself trying to speak the language, especially when I do too well and the locals feel like I can hold a whole conversation – awkward.

I try and learn all the place names and get around by myself too, y’know like I’ve lived there for years.


What’s your favourite travel activity?

I tend to try and do only the essential tourist things and get the obligatory destination photos. To be honest, I really enjoy trying to find the cool hidden things around the city. Little bars, hidden restaurants, great music venues, you name it. I’ve been known to be a bit of a Google crusader because I research everything and I usually already have a list of things I want to check out.

Gian Reyes - Lifestyle Editor

Tell us a few things you can’t travel without.

You always know I’m about to take a trip when my tablet is charging. I never use it apart for plane rides, even when I’m flying business or first, usually I load it up pre-flight with a whole season of something, great way to binge watch the flight away.

I also always travel with a nice single malt scotch or an Australian made spirit, not for me, I like to give it as a little thank you gift for people I meet or people hosting me.


Gian Recommends

  • As mentioned, I often travel with a bottle of alcohol to give as a thank you gift to people, if it’s not single malt scotch, it would be something Australian. I’d recommend MR BLACK, a craft cold drip coffee spirit made here in Australia. The spirit first came about from a crowd funding campaign and two blokes in a small shed just havin’ a go. What’s more Australian than that? RRP $60


  • Don’t let anyone tell you that socks aren’t welcome as a gift, as a traveller I seem to never have enough clean pairs to pack, I happen to love patterned socks. You won’t find a single solid coloured pair in my wardrobe. Check out the socks from Barnaby Shop, as a bonus they support Habitat for Humanity so you can feel specially good about gift giving this year. RRP $15-20



  • Every good traveller needs a good toiletries bag, and this one is one of my favourites by Gentlemen’s Hardware. Their stuff always comes with a bit of personality, this one has the quote “What goes on tour…” embossed inside. It’s available at Qtique for $59.95

gentlemen's hardware

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