We’ve made the transition to digital travel planning, all but for the humble checklist—a dashed-off reminder on a scrap of paper to pack our toothbrush or mobile phone charger. If only we had some packing assistance …


1. Pack the Bag FREE


From packing to other to-do tasks, there’s so much to get done before a trip that lists are a must. Don’t forget the chargers (for your Kindle, phone, iPod, etc.) and memory cards. Remember to redirect the mail. Notify your neighbor of your absence. Set the cat-food dispenser. The lists go on and on! The Pack the Bag app helps keep track of it all so you don’t lose your sanity.

With this app you can create an itinerary and receive reminders, establish list categories based on the type of trip (camping, flight, etc.) or by the type of tasks to perform prior to departure, and select from the suggested listed items or add your own. View in a list the items yet to be packed or tasks yet to be performed, and then check them off as you go. This handy app is much cleaner than a chicken-scratch note.




2. Packing Pro $2.99


Packing Pro is a Type-A dream: a comprehensive list-making tool that helps you pull together the necessities by category. Check off the essentials (passport, cash, etc.), clothing, accessories, toiletries; you can also customise categories and make lists withinlists (ooh).

It may seem fussy, but anyone who travels extensively for business—or manages logistics for a large family trip—will fall for it instantly.




 3. Stylebook $3.99


Strictly for fashion plates, Stylebook is both a virtual stylist and closet organiser. The setup can be gruelling — you have to snap photos of each item in your wardrobe — but once done, the fun begins. Page through categories of clothing (footwear, tops, pants), plan and name outfits, use a calendar to schedule what you’ll wear, and, of course, create a packing list without having to open a closet.

Being able to sort through seasonally appropriate items without digging through old boxes is a godsend. And the beauty is that, as with a playlist shuffle, you’ll rediscover hidden treasures over time.


What is the one thing you ALWAYS forget to pack?