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Travel inspiration from the Grammy winners

Glitzy dresses, pop-stars, fashion, rocking performances and then...Kanye's rant (off stage this time).  Apart from entertainment, perhaps this year's Grammy stars can offer us some travel inspiration too?

Glitzy dresses, pop-stars, fashion, rocking performances and then…Kanye’s rant (off stage this time).  Apart from entertainment, perhaps this year’s Grammy stars can offer us some travel inspiration too?

Our favourite bands were formed in garages and young singers were rehearsing in school theatres across the world before becoming famous. But where exactly did the superstars grow up before making it big?

We’ve listed seven artists who all picked up an award last night and where they all started their musical journey.


1. The Indie favourite – BECK, California


Katy Perry sang about it while Tupac and Dr Dre rapped about it.

California, it’s a big one on almost everyone’s travel list already, but wouldn’t it be cool to experience it from this Indie favourite’s perspective?


2. Queen B – Beyonce, Texas


It’s hard to picture Bee with a cowboy hat and straw hanging out of her mouth, but as a Texas native, she may very well have at one time or another in her life.

Texas is quickly growing as a tourist destination, and one of the more popular things to try while there during the Christmas period is a drive-thru Christmas Lights, which is located 30 minutes south of Austin on I-35.

There are over one million lights and 100 displays and animations on the one mile drive thru park.


3. Ballad King – Sam Smith, London

Sam Smith KarryOn

Stop by Sam Smith’s hometown for some of the best shopping in the world. While you’re there don’t forget to see the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus and hang out in Leicester Square.


4. Aussie favorites – Bee Gees, Sydney

Bee Gees Sydney

During the summer it’s clear skies (mostly) and beaches and during the winter it’s breathtaking lights. Every year, DestinationNSW hosts a special Vivid light display around Sydney’s CBD. It’s definitely something to add to the bucket list.

It’s also the city of KarryOn’s headquarters so stop by and say hi 🙂


5. Mr. Happy – Pharrell Williams, Virginia

Pharrell Williams KarryOn

Get happy in Virginia, particularly on the Fourth of July where impressive fireworks are accompanied with some of the greatest parties in the states.

The city is also famous for restaurant week – seven days of the world’s best food, even the toughest critics will be impressed.


6. Hip Hop legend – Eminem, Detroit


If Eminem’s track ‘Beautiful’ didn’t inspire you to visit the Motor-City then perhaps its connection to some of your other favourite musicians will.

The rap God wasn’t the only one freestyling on the streets of Detroit, hip hop stars and Eminem’s besties, Royce da 5’9″ and Obie Trice are Detroit natives, alone with the Queen of Pop Madonna, Smokey Robinson, Kid Rock, The Supremes and so much more!


7. The Robots – Daft Punk, Paris

Daft Punk_KarryOn


Don’t let recent events fool you, Paris is still hot for tourism and it’s no surprise with some of the world’s best museums, art displays and culture in the world.


Bonus Material: If you missed Kanye’s mini stage-invasion on Beck

Did you watch the Grammys last night? Who was your favourite?

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