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Travel Trends of the week

It's Thursday and we're back with the travel trends of the week and it's all about the new generation of 'selfies', the final solution to jet lag (possibly) and a new innovative app for travel specialists...

It’s Thursday and we’re back with the travel trends of the week and it’s all about the new generation of ‘selfies’, the final solution to jet lag (possibly) and a new innovative app for travel specialists…


1. Australia launches giant ‘supersized selfie’ service for tourists

Selfie sticks are so last season with Tourism Australia launching the next generation of ‘selfies’ through their GIGA Selfie Campaign which enables visitors to snap massive photos of themselves from hundreds of meters away.

Aimed towards Japanese travellers the campaign hopes increase the shares of their experiences Down Under.

How does it work?

To take their enormous ‘supersized selfies’ travellers will need to stand on a designated spot and then use the ‘GIGA Selfie’ app on their smartphone to trigger a distant camera which captures them and the surrounding landscape.

Once the selfies have been taken a link is emailed including the photos as well as a short video clip which starts as a close up selfie and pulls back to reveal their location. Clever!


2. Fight the jet lag (twice as fast)


It’s never been easier to travel across continents and time zones and it seems like it will be even faster in the future with Sir Richard Branson working on a super flight from Australia to London in 3 hours!

However the effects of the inevitable time changes still take a big toll and make the most frequent flyer feeling like a zombie.

To tackle the famous jet lag problem the Finnish startup Valkee has launched the Human Charger –  a bright light (TBL) treatment device that will speed up the rate of jet lag recovery.

Unfortunately the Human Charger is not yet available for the public since it’s still in the testing stages with the Finnair’s flight crews  as well as Singapore Airlines, KLM and Iberia planes stocking the headsets for their own long-haul passengers.

Could this be the final solution to the jet lag?


3.LUXE Concierge – a new app for the travel industry

LUXE Concierge official launched at globally renowned luxury travel trade show Luxperience earlier this month.

The new innovative app is an exclusive, invitation-only digital platform that gives travel specialists access to LUXE’s carefully selected directory of recommendations to the most desirable places in 25 destinations – updated every month by resident city editors.

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