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Vanity Bags Of The Upper-Crust

According to British travel agent, CheapFlights, first-class ticket holders are not all considered equal.

According to British travel agent, CheapFlights, first-class ticket holders are not all considered equal.

It is obvious that the price of your fare determines your place in an airline’s caste system.

Thinly segregated by the fabric of a curtain, the economy seats can only imagine what life would be like in business or first class.

There’s warm cookies in there. Extra leg room. Some even have a bar and sleep pods.

Though, did you know that behind the first-class curtain there are more high-labelled items than you can poke a stick at?

Did you also know that, according to British travel company Cheapflights, that not all castes are considered equal?

Bally and Bulgari and Dior, oh my!

It all comes down the vanity bag you’re provided.

Cheapflights ranked 48 economy, business and first-class vanity bags from various airlines.

The company ranked the free loot between a “taxiing” three stars, to the “fly me to the moon” ultimate six-star rating.

Topping the vanity caste system were the Emirates, Qatar Airways and  Etihad.

The Emirates, given six stars, shower their first class travellers with all things Bulgari. A Bulgari designed dark brown leather bag is filled to the brim with Bulgari beauty products.


Emirates Vanity bags are bursting with Bulgari. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Etihad, also ranked six stars, went the more traditional and conservationist route by collaborating with Sougha, a social enterprise initiative that’s preserving the Emirati heritage and promoting local artisans, to produce their travel kits.

Others preferred to provide their guests with a splash of Dior, Clarins, Demalogica and Bally.

His and hers on British Airways. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Among the luxe list were also useful additions such as emery boards, pulse point scented oils, eye masks and thick, warm socks.

British Airways, given five stars, opted to have a strong gender focus in their vanity bags. The his and hers combos divided their bags with Refinery products for men and Aromatherapy products for women.


Etihad’s Diamond First Class kits include socks, eye mask, roll-on pulse point oil, pillow mist, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton buds, make-up pads, emery board, shaving kit and products by luxury New York brand Le Labo. Image Source: Daily Mail

Those at the bottom of the list were Air Canada, Condor and Iberia that were each given three stars. Their “absolutely and only essentials” bags, that included a couple of mints, a lowly toothbrush, cleansing cloth and lip balm, failed to impress.

 Which airline boasts your favourite vanity bag?