What does your carry‐on baggie say about you? Oh my...

It’s always a drama – standing in the airport security line, rifling through carry‐on luggage in search of our plastic baggie full of liquids and gels.

It’s always a drama – standing in the airport security line, rifling through carry‐on luggage in search of our plastic baggie full of liquids and gels.

By now you think travellers would be used to it, but there are always a few folks who forget to pack one, some who over pack and others who completely flout the rules, hoping no one notices.

Like it or not, our packing strategies say a lot about how we approach travel and life in general. And Cheapflights.com.au has peered into these plastic windows to reveal the 10 most common personalities.


The “No space wasted”


It’s safe to say, you’ve always been pretty good at Tetris.

When packing is complete, there’s not an inch of space to be found, every item strategically placed – and hopefully you don’t need something from the bottom before you reach your destination because once packed there’s a real chance you will never be able to reassemble it.

You’re one to play by the rules, but if there is any wiggle room, you’ll find it. You’re also a great travel companion, always prepared, efficient and knowledgeable with all your bases covered.


The “Oops, I did it again”


It’s not that you’re absentminded, you’re just a free spirit. And it’s only while rushing to reach security that it dawns on you that you may have some  liquids that need to be separated from the rest of your belongings.

That nip of alcohol? Down it. That half bottle of leave‐in conditioner? It’s called “leave‐ in” for a reason.

Those nice people in line behind you don’t mind watching you chug 400 millilitres of bottled water or waiting as you rifle through your bag for that can of hairspray you think you packed.

You aren’t much of a planner and consider it a win if you roll up to the gate before they have to call your name over the loudspeaker for final boarding.


The “If you can’t beat them, join them”


You go with the flow in life and in travel. Never one   to check a bag, you pack a small carry‐on without any second thoughts or packing regret.

You’d probably be okay with no baggie at all, but since that travel‐size toothpaste is still lingering around from your last trip, you may as well bring it along for the ride.

And you don’t want to feel left out when everyone is reaching for theirs at security. Some would say it’s an odd time to experience FOMO, but you do like to feel included. You’re a firm believer that in life, things always have a way of working out.


The “Blame it on the alcohol”


This bag is VERY important to you, but not for toiletry purposes. Bathroom items are totally replaceable. But they might not have that special raspberry‐infused vodka where you’re headed.

You’re a “No space wasted” tried and true, except your essentials are less shampoo and eye cream and more Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo.

When it comes to your trip, you’re here for a good time, not a long time. But truthfully, isn’t having fun what travelling (and life) is all about?


The “You fancy, huh?”


Just because you have to carry your liquids separately doesn’t mean it can’t be done in style.

While you abide by the size rule, you prefer to invest in a specialty bag over the standard flimsy variety. Maybe it even bears your name or initials.

You believe what you wear and what you carry is an extension of yourself, and your carry‐on liquids bag is no different.

You cringe at travellers in old sweatpants and flip   flops – you have your Pashmina and cute flats laid out the night before your trip, ready to strut their way through airport security like you’re walking a different kind of runway.


The “Must have missed the memo”


For you, the rules are meant to be broken. You aren’t sure how anyone fits everything they need into those little baggies, but you’re not about to find out, instead upgrading to the ‘larger size’.

You can’t help that your specialty cream cannot be removed from its oddly‐ shaped jar. Sporting this bag shows you’re a bit of a rebel.

You prefer to test the waters to see if you can get what you want, rather than simply comply and compromise.

You know you’re risking it all (well, all   your hair products, anyway) but you want what you want and you aren’t afraid to at least attempt to get it.


The “Yeah, no need”


You never really understood why people felt the need to bring these bags in the first place. It’s literally extra baggage.

You’ll figure it out when you get there.

If it can’t be bought, it can be borrowed – and vice versa.

Vacations are for relaxing, not worrying about how you’ll tightly pack items into a ridiculously small bag.

You are also pretty charming and know that you can get what you need with a wink and a smile. After all, what’s a little toothpaste between friends?


The “Free sample guru”


You’ve collected and stashed freebies for a moment just like this.

In your eyes, you can’t go wrong filling your carry‐on baggie with these bite‐size upscale gems.

You’re saving money, trying new things, living that luxe life and feeling that rush of finally opening products you held on to for months on end.

You enjoy the satisfaction of a clean and tidy pack that causes you zero stress. If this is your bag, you are of the mind that the best things in life really are free.


The “Not quite sure what a liquid is”


To you, a liquid is everything one uses in a bathroom and you can be found making several attempts to squeeze in items that could easily be left in your luggage.

Deodorant, lip gloss or even a toothbrush.

Carrying this bag probably means that you are easily confused or can’t be bothered reading the fine print.

Either that, or you are the type of person who finds doing things exactly as asked to be a hassle. You’re okay with things not being perfect – that’s just life.

What type of carry-on baggie person are you?