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4 healthwise snacks to supercharge everyone in the office

Kate Flint from Healthwise gives us the healthy lowdown on better snacking for an energy filled, productive day in the office and beyond.

Kate Flint from Healthwise gives us the healthy lowdown on better snacking for an energy filled, productive day in the office and beyond.

Snacking is something that we all do and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The key is moderation and of course making smart choices.


Look familiar?

Ok so no, chocolate isn’t on this list, but believe it or not – snacking can be a very rewarding and fun aspect to your daily eating plan.

It can allow you to fit in some extra calories if you’re looking to gain a little extra weight or muscle, and you can munch on them at your desk or on the go.

The only thing is that ‘healthy’ snacking doesn’t always sound that exciting, however your snacks can be delicious while still being full of beneficial nutrients.

Here’s our top four snacks to give you some inspiration and get you excited about a days play in the office.




Mmm… Edamame

This popular Japanese dish consists of immature soybeans that have been harvested before they have had the opportunity to harden.

A small handful of edamame contains about one-third of your daily protein requirements, as well as one-quarter of all the fibre you will need for 24 hours.

This little snack is super easy to get your hands on nowadays due to their increased popularity in the western world. You can find them at your local supermarkets shelled, or still in their pod fresh and frozen.




Now we’re not talking about the overly processed type you find at the cinemas, which is soaked in salt and butter.

We’re talking about natural popcorn, which is lightly salted and unsweetened. Popcorn has a relatively low nutritional value, containing only a small amount of carbohydrates and fibre.

However, if you’re trying to lose a little bit of extra weight, they are great to just munch on to trick your brain into thinking you’re eating a fulfilling meal.




Yes big kids can eat this treat too

This little treat is great as it perfectly combines sweet and salty flavours.

Bananas are the perfect pre-packaged snack, being one of the best sources of potassium that you can get.

Whereas peanut butter is full of protein and saturated fats – just ensure you are looking for types that are natural so that they don’t contain any additional salts.

This snack is particularly good as it is a combination of a high and low GI food. Bananas have a high GI as they cause a spike in the bodies insulin and blood sugar levels, giving you that initial rush of energy.

However, when combined with the peanut butter, of a low GI, you’ll find that you are sustained for longer. The perfect combo!




Apple, cheese and walnuts

Finally, another winning sweet and salty mix. Again, they have a similar dynamic with the apple having a high GI, whereas cheese has a lower GI.

As well as giving you that initial burst of energy, apples are also a great source of Vitamin C and dietary fibre. Cheddar cheese contains high levels of calcium, protein and unsaturated fats, which greatly contributes to its Low GI ranking.

Kaboom! Snacking can be both delicious and nutritious for everyone.

Just always make sure that you are checking nutrition labels of any prepackaged snacks as a lot of so called ‘healthy’ snacks often contain high levels added sugars, salts and saturated fats.

Make sure you are always choosing the healthiest option and snack on!

For more great health and active tips, head over to the Healthwise blog.

What are your favourite health snacks? Share your go to energy boosters below.