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5 lunch time superfoods for a productive day at work

Travel Agents aren't exactly known for being poster childs of shining health. But then being an agent just has that special ability to erode your New Year's resolution to lose the weight and become a healthier you.

Travel Agents aren’t exactly known for being poster childs of shining health. But then being an agent just has that special ability to erode your New Year’s resolution to lose the weight and become a healthier you.

But it’s possible to be a Travel Agent and be healthy – it all comes down to preparation and a little education.

Choose your lunches wisely, and not only will you strip down a few kilos, but you’ll increase your productivity and get much more done – which then gives you valuable time to self-care and do the things you know are good for you.

Here are five superfood-based lunch ideas that will increase your productivity at work and help you become a healthier version of yourself.


1. Brown rice salad



Superfood: Brown rice.

Brown rice contains lots of magnesium, which is not only a great stress reliever, but has also been found to boost productivity. It also contains heaps of good vitamins and minerals that will help your body run efficiently.


Add cooked brown rice to roasted sweet potatoes, bits of feta cheese, crunchy nuts and dress with balsamic vinegar and fresh lime.


2. Sesame seared salmon with avocado



Superfood: Salmon.

Salmon contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown to improve mental performance, memory and even stave off depression, ultimately boosting productivity.


Coat the salmon in sesame seeds and then sear it in a pan, making sure you don’t over cook it. Serve with a mixed green salad topped with an avocado dressing (avocado has been shown to boost mental performance).


3. Berry and banana fruit salad



Superfoods: Berries and banana.

Not only are berries delicious, but they’re also rich in anti-oxidants and excellent in boosting cognitive performance, such as your memory. Bananas are a natural energy booster.


Simply combine sliced berries in a bowl and mix in with slivers of banana for a fantastic productivity boost. Add chunks of dark chocolate (contains caffeine) for an extra kick.


4. Egg omelette with tomatoes & beans



Superfood: Eggs.

Not only do eggs contains high levels of protein – great for making you feel fuller for longer – but they also contain choline, a B-vitamin that has been shown to stimulate the brain’s reactive sensors. In other words: eat eggs and your brain will be firing on all cylinders.


Make an omelette out of three eggs and combine with slices of tomatoes, frozen peas and broad beans. The tomatoes will add flavour to the dish, whilst the beans contain high levels of fibre – great for your digestion.


5. Avocado and dark chocolate smoothie



Superfoods: Avocado and dark chocolate.

Avocados contain some of that healthy fat that’s vital for cognitive performance, whilst dark chocolate is high in caffeine. Combine together they’ll help you stay on top of things and increase productivity.


Combine two medium avocados with small chunks of dark chocolate in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve with berries for extra flavour. Optional: Add one scoop of protein powder to help you feel full.

What do you usually have for lunch? Let us know in the comments below…