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6 most 'unique' dining experiences in the world

If your definition of a 'unique dining experience' is floor seating or using a pair of chopsticks, then you're in for a rude awakening.

If your definition of a ‘unique dining experience’ is floor seating or using a pair of chopsticks, then you’re in for a rude awakening.


Skyscanner has compiled a list of the ten most unusual restaurants in the world that sees diners eating from toilets bowls to dining while surrounded by corpses.

We’ve picked out our six favourites and boy we can’t believe how creative restaurants are these days.

Here’s the list. Let us know if you’ve had a more ‘unique’ experience in the comments section below.


6. Dining five metres underwater

It’s one thing attending a private function at the aquarium, but it’s a completely other experience eating while five metres underwater.

The Conrad Maldives Rangali’s Ithaa restaurant does exactly that.

The restaurant is located under the Indian Ocean and offers 180-degree panoramic views of fish, coral and even sharks above.

And what does one eat while underwater? Well it serves a six-course set dinner menu and much like those that live under the sea, specialises in seafood.


5. Dining from a treetop

Treepod dining

From under the water to the tops of trees.

Thailand’s Koh Kood island is home to Soneva Kiri resort, which features Treepod Dining.

This unusual experience sees diners seated in a bamboo pod before being gently lifted into the trees.

From this point so far up in the sky, patrons can enjoy their meals while receiving views of the ancient rainforest and the shoreline.

If that’s not unique enough, waiters deliver the food and wine via a zip-line.


4. Dining way up high


Taking your meal to all new heights is Dubai’s At.mosphere Restaurant and Lounge.

The venue is located 442 metres above ground level inside the Burj Khalifa tower – the tallest tower in the world.

Twenty two floors high, it offers a unique view of the city and the sea.


3. Dining in the cold… freezing cold

ice bar

Forget ice bars in Sydney and Queenstown, Finland has stepped it up a notch (and turned the temperature down) with its Snow Restaurant.

The cool place is located at the LumiLinnis Snowcastle in Kemi, Finland.

Snow Restaurant is carved out of ice but is only open at the end of January for lunch and dinner.

The temperature inside gets to around minus-five degrees and guests are seated on reindeer hides to keep their behinds warm.


2. Dining with skulls & nurses

Alcatraz ER

This one is a little bit creepy.

Patrons at the Alcatraz ER in Tokyo enjoy their meals inside prison cells alongside ‘prisoner remains’.

Of course, the skulls and mutilated corpses aren’t real (we hope) but they’re pretty much everywhere – under the glass walkways next to the tables etc.

And if that’s not wacky enough, the restaurant’s waitresses serve the meals dressed in nurses outfits – because it’s not just a prison, it’s an ER.


1. Dining from a toilet bowl

Modern Toilet

It’s exactly as it reads!

Modern Toilet in Taiwan serves it patrons meals from a toilet-shaped bowl.

Originally the concept started with just chocolate ice cream, but due to popularity moved to include full meals.

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What’s the most ‘unique’ restaurant you’ve dined at?