Airline food from around the world reveals soggy pasta, rock-hard bread rolls and tasteless meat. But you might be surprised, it’s not all that unappetising.

Airline food doesn’t usually scream of culinary delights, as a matter a fact the food served up at 3,000 ft usually gets bad press (in economy anyway) and, as these images reveal, it’s often for good reason.

With the new technology and people being quick to snap away with their smart phones the airplane food is no longer just confined to inside the plane.

Passengers share their disaster meals on social media sites such as Flickr and Instagram to warn others what lies ahead.

However, if you are lucky enough to be flying business or first class you can expect meals of much higher standard as one lucky flyer with Lufthansa’s elegant business class shared a photo showing their mid-air meal.

Here are 10 airline meals served around the world:

1.Kingfisher Airlines


India’s now defunct Kingfisher Airlines serves an in-flight meal of curried chicken and Indian-style bread, roti on the side. There is also a spinach and paneer (Indian cottage cheese) tart and a creamy rice pudding for dessert

 2.Delta Airlines


Japanese flavours from America’s Delta Airlines: A starter of salmon sashimi and pasta shells, followed by vegetable salad of peppers, lettuce, carrot and purple cabbage, and an anemic-looking roll. The main course is rice with brocolli and teriyaki beef or chicken. A slice of cake completes the meal

3. Korean Air


Healthy food on Korean Air: A vegetarian offering of peas and beans served with what appears to be rice-stuffed marrow and a side of couscous. here is some fruit, a pickled vegetable salad and a bread roll as well

4. TransAsia Airlines


TransAsia Airways: Business class snack of two types of breads, a fruit plate of kiwi, rock melon, pineapple and watermelon, and yoghurt

5. Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines’s economy class Chinese meal of noodles cooked with mushrooms and vegetables and topped with three slices of roast chicken. Also on the tray are pickled green chillies, one bread roll and fruit salad. There’s a slice of chocolate cake for pudding

6. Iberia Airlines


Iberia Airlines: Is that Jamón ibérico on the breakfast plate? It seems only apt that the Spanish airlines serves a selection of hams with its omelette, toast and and fruit on the London to Barajas flight

7. Lufthansa


Setting the standard: Lufthansa’s elegant business class hors d’oeuvres is stuffed free-range chicken with Sel rose, a type of curing salt, accompanied with a creamy kohlrabi salad with blueberries and rocket. A glass of white wine and two bread rolls are on the side

8. Drukair


Drukair, the national carrier of Bhutan serves a sizeable meal for its business class passengers of stir-fried noodles with vegetables and shrimps, and a poppy seed roll. Orange juice or water to drink as well as a serving of fruit salad and creamy yoghurt.

9. Turkish Airlines


Clean flavours: Turkish Airlines’ business class breakfast from Istanbul to Zurich is a simple offering of ham, a bread roll, feta, cucumber and tomato salad with cheese and olives. There is also a fruit salad and a serving of yoghurt as well as a small pot of sour cream

10. Cathay Pacific


Top marks for presentation: Cathay Pacific’s business class breakfast is an exercise in minimalism. A neatly folded omelette is served with a single slice of ham, one chicken sausage, a lone tomato and three brocolli florets. A soft crossaint, a small salad and a mug of coffee completes this airline’s simple repast

What’s your best/worst airplane food experience?