Queenstown takeover
Queenstown takeover

Up coming pop-ups that reminds us to 'party on'!

If you never thought Australia needed, a Japanese robot burlesque bar, a space cat cafe or a Wayne's World themed bar that's ok, we respect your opinion... but you're completely wrong!

If you never thought Australia needed, a Japanese robot burlesque bar, a space cat cafe or a Wayne’s World themed bar that’s ok, we respect your opinion… but you’re completely wrong!

With the excitement of Contiki bringing a unique wacky pop-up Japanese robot restaurant called ‘Robots Unrivalled’ to Sydney. Bringing a mix of Japanese burlesque, J-pop, glowsticks, lasers, dragons and a whole heap of robots, we were excited to find out what other cool pop-ups are coming to town.

We hit the motherlode. There are a couple more kitsch pop-ups coming soon that we never thought we needed, but we sure want to visit them now.


Cats & Space


Catmosphere Cafe, Chiang Mai

If you’ve ever sat at a café sipping your latte and thinking, this would be so much more awesome if there were cats all over this joint. Why stop there, why not add space to the mix?

We are of course talking about Catmosphere Café. The cat themed café’s have enjoyed success in Thailand, Japan and Melbourne and soon Sydney will have its very own cattacular café thanks to a crowd funding campaign making it a reality for Thomas Derricott and his girlfriend Wenee Yap. So make sure you put your space cat t-shirts on (because apparently that’s a thing) and check it out when it launches in July.


There will of course be food, coffee and everything that you can expect in a café, but there will be the added value of cute cats roaming around and probably causing a bit of havoc around the café.



Party on Wayne!


Ex-squeeze me, did we hear this right? Whisky Jerx, a bar in Sydney being themed around 90’s cult classic Wayne’s World, is set to take over both floors of Oxford Circus. Get excited!

Bartenders Lee Potter Cavanagh, Ben Blair and Reece Griffith, who all used to sling drinks at Victoria Room, the trio won Monkey Shoulder whisky’s Ultimate Bartender Competition. They won $20,000 to fund a pop-up the team could design, market and run themselves.


Level one is all about that Wayne’s basement vibe with drinks being served in distinctive red cups and tunes supplied by a house band that plays until 3am each night. Whilst level two is a little bit fancier and quieter with actual glassware.

Make sure you learn your Garth foxy lady dance moves to burn up the dance floor.


What would you theme your pop-up bar or cafe?