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Friday Cocktail: Take Fiji home

Bula! There's nothing quite like Fiji - the beaches, the five-star resorts, the friendly people (Bula!) and that incredible weather.

Bula! There’s nothing quite like Fiji – the beaches, the five-star resorts, the friendly people (Bula!) and that incredible weather.


If that’s not enough to get you in the mood for a Fijian escape, then this cocktail definitely will.

It’s called the Welcome Cocktail.

It is Fiji Airways’ signature drink available to all passengers flying business class.

The Welcome Cocktail was introduced late last year when the airline revamped its business class menu and service elements.

Introduced in partnership with Fiji Rum, the drink is served after takeoff.

Local fruits and beverages are fused into the cocktail to transport passengers to the destination before they’ve arrived in the destination.

It’s true – Fiji Airways has managed to capture the country’s sunsets and spirit, mixed it with a bit of alcohol and served it up in a chilled glass.

Lucky for you (and for us), we got our hands on the recipe so you can bring a bit of Fiji to your weekend or your next at-home gathering.


Recipe and method

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Everything you need to transport you to Fiji.

Ingredients, cocktail mix:

  • 45ml Fiji Rum Co. – eight-year-old Rum Liqueur
  • 15ml Fiji Rum Co. – two-year-old Coconut Rum Liqueur

Ingredients, garnish:

  • 3 drops maraschino cherries
  • 1 orange slice
  • 3 dashes angostura bitters


Chill glass. Muddle and place the orange slice and maraschino cherries at the bottom of the glass.  Pour ice cubes on top of the orange slice and cherries. Grab a separate glass and mix the eight-year-old Fiji Rum Liqueur and two-year-old Coconut Rum. Pour the mix over the ice in the first glass and finish by adding the three dashes of angostura bitters.


Once your drink is ready make a toast to Fiji Airways, which this week announced a profit before income tax of $62.5 million for the nine months to December last year.

The figure was a growth from $8.3 million make during the corresponding six months 2013.

To commemorate the airline’s success, Fiji Airways said it will offer all eligible Fiji Airways and Fiji Link managers a Management Bonus of $7,000 each, subject to tax and superannuation deductions as required.

In addition, non-management staff for both airlines already stand to earn quarterly KPI-related bonuses of up to $1,200 per year, on achievement of key business objectives.

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