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Friday Cocktail: The Hendrick's Sunburnt Fix

Is it cocktail o'clock already? Well almost so we're warming up with this sunny summer drink to get the party started.

Is it cocktail o’clock already? Well almost so we’re warming up with this sunny summer drink to get the party started.


If the classic G&T is starting to become a tad boring you will be on your way to a sunny tropical island in no time with this fruity summer number.

We’re keeping the cucumber (hello – it’s still a Hendrick’s gin), but by adding mango to the mix you can easily knock ’em back like cordial. We do of course always encourage responsible drinking.

So pick up the ingredients below, grab your mates, start to squeeze the limes and get the summer garden party started this weekend!



45ml Hendrick’s Gin

4 slices of cucumber

30ml Lime

60ml Mango Nectar

15ml Sugar Syrup (alternatively, 2 teaspoons of sugar)

Sparkling Mineral Water



Crush 3 slices of cucumber with lime juice and sugar syrup (or spoons of sugar) in a tall glass. Add Hedrick’s Gin and mango nectar. Fill with ice and top with sparkling mineral water and stir.

Garnish with remaining cucumber slice and for an extra sunburnt kick, rim the glass with chilli salt!

What’s your favourite summer cocktail?