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New wellness retreat to open in Bali

KarryOn caught up with Ocean Soul Retreat's founder Georgie White, a New York- based Australian to talk about wellness, nutrition, yoga and holistic healing.

KarryOn caught up with Ocean Soul Retreat’s founder Georgie White, a New York- based Australian to talk about wellness, nutrition, yoga and holistic healing.

The Bali-based Ocean Soul Retreat will launch in April to provide a calming and luxurious environment for women to relax, find inner balance and learn new skills. Founded by New York-based Australian Georgie White, Ocean Soul Retreat offers week-long retreats focusing on the four key areas of wellness, nutrition, yoga and surf.

Ocean Soul Retreat differs from other Bali retreats because of its focus on holistic healing. The holistic offering includes acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, traditional Balinese healing, Reiki and spa treatments, which coax guests into deep relaxation to realign the mind, body and soul. Georgie uses her knowledge and expertise to develop and implement carefully designed packages to give women the tools to refresh and reconnect. She says;

Georgie’s aim is for women to use their holiday to heal. Perfect for overworked women, Ocean Soul Retreat not only offers an escape from everyday life but a healing and re-balancing journey.


Georgie, how was the idea behind Ocean Soul Retreat born?

I wanted to create a space for women with few key elements that I have personally found transformative. First up and most importantly I wanted the retreats to encompass fun and lightness, which I feel is achieved with surfing. The second element I was keen to incorporate was time to connect with yourself with a spiritual element, which can be accomplished with yoga. Thirdly, I wanted to incorporate some alternative healing modalities that focus on internal work to help process blockages or emotions that hadn’t been dealt with.  The idea is to tie all of this together with well-balanced nutritional meals to help nourish and fuel the body. These are key elements to nurture the mind, body and soul connection.



Experience how clean eating can transform your health through our delicious wholefoods menu designed by an expert holistic nutritionist.


Bali is a beautiful location, what made you decide to open the retreat in Bali?

Bali has a special feel and is an amazing hub for health and wellness. The island lends itself to spiritual elements thanks to the Balinese and their Hindu practices. In Bali you are reminded on a daily basis of rituals to give thanks to the gods.  The climate also is a key factor as warm weather can have a positive effect on people’s moods. Being able to practice yoga outdoors and surf in warm water is also a wonderful experience!



At the Bali surf camp, like-minded women of all ages and skill levels come together to learn the art of surfing.


What can guests expect from staying at the Ocean Soul Retreat?

A week at Ocean Soul Retreat will leave people feeling refreshed and revitalised. Their experience will provide them with an opportunity to press reset and develop some positive rituals that they can them implement into their lives.


There has been an increasing interest in wellness holidays, do you think people are becoming more mindful of their health?

Definitely! We are becoming more and more educated about health and wellness and the positive impact it can have on our daily lives. We are living in an extremely fast paced world where we are so connected to our phones, computers and televisions. Living a fast paced lifestyle where we are connected 24/7 creates unhealthy habits and disconnects us from reality and from ourselves.  This leads us to feeling a need and a desire to want to re-focus on the key elements in life and to reconnect with ourselves and focus on our health and wellbeing.


What are your top three tips for anyone planning to visit a wellness retreat?

  • Go with an open heart.
  • Be present – clear your schedule so you make the most of the process.
  • Listen to your body and only do what feels right for you.

At Ocean Soul Retreat, let yoga ignite your inner spark.

Guests can choose from the Surf and Yoga PackageYogini’s Package or Soul Surf Package. Each package includes seven nights’ accommodation at the beautiful Ocean Soul Retreat villa in Seminyak with highly experienced retreat leaders on hand 24 hours a day.

Melbourne-based naturopath and holistic nutritionist Meg Thomson has developed a menu filled with nutrient-packed meals designed to help cleanse the system.

With health and wellness holidays becoming an increasingly popular travel trend, Ocean Soul Retreat is a peaceful sanctuary offering a comprehensive women’s only experience with a luxurious touch. Each retreat runs from Saturday to Friday and accommodates at maximum of 10 women.

Ocean Soul Retreat gives 5% of its profits to the local R.O.L.E. Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to breaking the poverty cycle, improving the education and wellbeing of underprivileged women living in Indonesia and Bali.

Ocean Soul Retreat is currently running a competition for someone to WIN a free retreat for them and a friend. The prize is valued at $5000 and can be entered at

Do you think the holiday wellness trend is here to stay?