Airplane food usually cops a bad wrap amongst flyers. However ANA is completely revolutionising what it means to dine at 30,000 feet, and it’s incredibly exciting!

Neon-lit, dynamic and reflecting the best of eastern charm and western modernity, Tokyo stimulates all the senses. But it’s the taste buds that the city perfectly caters for, and this is reflected in Tokyo’s 226 Michelin starred restaurants, making it the city with the most-est.

Yet the Japanese commitment to exquisite dining isn’t just confined to the ground. Indeed, ANA (All Nippon Airways) is taking these high culinary standards to the sky and changing what it means to dine at 30,000 feet in the sky.

Here are three ways ANA has turned in-flight catering into an art form.


1. A commitment to the finest ingredients


Shinshu Salmon from Nagano.

Only the freshest ingredients will please the Japanese palate, and ANA are committed to delivering on this standard even at 30,000 feet in the sky with its in-flight dining.

Recently, the airline has focused its efforts on raising awareness on some of Japan’s lesser known prefectures, such as Nagano, Ibaraki and Kochi. Between March and May, passengers flying with ANA will be able to sample popular dishes from these regions, such as Shinshu Salmon from Nagano, and clams and cherry bass caught in the Sea of Kashima in Ibaraki.


Clams and cherry bass from the Sea of Kashima.

Available during March, “Dining h” restaurant inside the ANA Suite Lounge at Haneda Airport proudly presents a masterpiece of clams and cherry bass caught in the Sea of Kashima on the Pacific Ocean side of Japan, steamed in white wine and served on crispy scorched rice.


2. A commitment to excellence


ANA in-flight menus are constantly being refined and re-created to offer passengers the ultimate in-air dining experience to date. Menus are also designed to match well with traditional Japanese spirits, such as rice wine (sake) and shochu.

But ANA’s commitment to excellence isn’t only localised to its menus. The airline also has a fantastic reputation as one of the world’s finest airlines, and has been Japan’s only 5-star SKYTRAX rated airline for the past 4 consecutive years. ANA has also won a string of awards, including World’s Best Airport Services and Best Airline Staff in Asia 2016.


3. A commitment to its customers


Even before you board your flight, the perks of choosing to fly with ANA include complimentary access to the Business Class Lounge for passengers that book Premium Economy or Business Class fares. It’s decisions like this that demonstrate ANA’s commitment to its customers.

The Business Class Lounge at Haneda Airport is a culinary experience itself, and guests will be able to dine on fresh sashimi and sushi, delectable bowls of ramen, as well as sample Japanese beer, wine and spirits.


ANA has a daily direct flight from Sydney to Tokyo (Haneda).

So are your taste buds salivating at the thought of flying with ANA?

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What is your favourite Japanese dish?

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