We know you’ve enjoyed the wine but have you stayed for the food? The sleepy crevices of Barossa Valley in South Australia host a cultural blend of its English and German settlers who favoured the land for its agricultural potential.

Wine has predominantly been the leading lady in the valley. However, among the vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier and Semillon lies an endless supply of culinary delights for the weary and winey traveller to devour.

It’s time to put down the wine glass and sample the must-try foodie destinations this place has to offer.


Cheese, please!

There’s not been a more fruitful marriage than the pairing of a crisp wine with the creaminess of a good, hearty cheese.

And no one understands this more than former winemaker-turned-dairy queen, Victoria McClurg. McClurg ditched her grape stomping past in favour of a cheese making future in 2003 and opened The Barossa Valley Cheese Co.

The Cheese Co. boasts the most indulgent cow and goat milk cheeses on offer in Australia. You’ll start with the Brie but you’ll stay for the Feta.


D.I.Y Food Fare


The Barossa Farmer’s Market is awash with colour and quality and provides those wishing to make their own meals with the finest local offering.

Here, you will find anything from cheeses and baked goods, oils and preserves, meat and fish, fresh vegetables, even a local roaster prepared to offer up a fine cup of Joe.


From Paddock to Plate

Meet Mark McNamara, a self-proclaimed Food Luddite opposed to all things technology.

McNamara works with local producers to host events that not only satisfy the appetite of those craving a decent nosh but also educates those present on how to cook with nature’s best offering – honest food.


Maggie, Maggie, Maggie!


What’s a trip to Barossa without sampling food from the culinary queen of the region herself? Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop is an exquisitely beautiful venue that offers seasonal produce in dishes created from Maggie’s coveted recipes.

Fill up a picnic basket with Maggie’s delights and let loose on the farm to find your perfect view to accompany your nosh.

The venue also offers up a pantry full of takeaway goodies and free demonstrations to satiate your inner chef.


Jam it up


For those that can’t wonder down to the Valley for a weekend, here is a delightful apricot jam recipe to add a little S.A to your morning toast. Enjoy!

Apricot Jam

2.5 kg Apricots

1.5 kg sugar

2.5 cups water

Wash, then cut Apricots into quarters – remove and

discard stones.

Add water and apricots to large saucepan and cook until soft and mushy – approx. 20 mins.

Add sugar, stir, simmer gently for a further 30 mins.

Remove and spoon jam into pre-sterilised jars.

Seal with lid or paraffin wax.

Perfect on toast or scones.

For more information on destinations in the Barossa, visit: www.barossa.com

What’s your pick of Barossa’s food offering?