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10 ways to fly fighting fit

Does your life consist of boarding, de-boarding, and waiting for cabs to get to a train to get to the airport in time for a plane that’s running 2 hours late?

Does your life consist of boarding, de-boarding, and waiting for cabs to get to a train to get to the airport in time for a plane that’s running 2 hours late?

Let’s not forget the changing time zones and constant lack of sleep. Here are a few tips to keep you traveling well…


1. Water, lemon and sea salt

Alkalizing and hydrating are imperative if you’re a frequent flyer. These three simple little items should become a staple when frequently flying. Sea salt retains minerals and water into our cells creating a healing effect for our bodies.

But remember only natural salts like Himalayan sea salts not that other impostor you find in most supermarkets.


2. You don’t have to eat


Over the years it’s become ingrained that we have to eat what’s in front of us.

A long haul flight is actually a great opportunity for us to detox.

Being at such a high altitude is not beneficial to our digestive systems and only creates a sense of unease and fatigue.

By restricting our food intake during this time we are saving our systems the unnecessary turmoil and giving it an opportunity to readjust and cleanse. Give it a try; focus on hydration, sea salts and simple snacks only. You’ll notice a huge difference in your vitality when you land at the other end.


3. Touch earth and ground yourself

There’s nothing like kicking off your shoes and walking on the grass when you get off a long haul flight. Grounding or earthing is a technique used to assist in returning your body’s energy to its natural state.

A quick way to assist this is to get your bare feet touching earth once you land.

This allows for energetic build up to flow out of your body through the soles of your feet and into the earth allowing the body to energetically reset itself. Also, it feels fantastic!


4. Take in some sun


Just like touching earth by getting some sun you’re assisting your body and mind to understand that you’re in a new time zone in a new climate and surroundings.

Take a moment to soak in the rays, get some vitamin D and adjust to the world around you.

If the sun’s not out it’s still worth the walk to awaken your senses to the new air of a new country.


5. Prepare your own travel meal

This if for on the flight and just as you land. There’s nothing worse than being hungry as you wait for your luggage only to ruin all your healthy habits by snacking at that random airport food stand, eew! Or, worse still, raiding the mini bar at your hotel.

Roast veggies and blanched greens are my fave! If it’s a longer flight I love veggie fried rice and some superfood balls for that extra bit of energy.

If you don’t eat it all it’s a perfect snack in transit to your hotel.


6. Pack like a fitness junkie


My favorite items to take are…

Baby wipes (portable shower), noise canceling earphones,  yoga mat, relaxing aromatherapy oils for the flight and the hotel room, eye mask, bright workout gear (its comfy and the colours are uplifting!).

Compression socks for long haul flights, Nutribullet portable blender for smoothies on the go, coconut oil (the perfect moisturizer), greens powders and magnesium for immune boosting and muscle relaxing boosts!

It sounds like a lot but all fits nicely into a regular sized carry on with your favorite book and laptop so you can easily get it into your check in luggage.


7. Do it in the aisle and raise a few brows!

Get some stretches in during your flight. This will assist with blood circulation, expanding and opening of the lungs for greater breathing and a calmer state of mind.

If you have a stopover this is the perfect time to practice some yoga in a tucked away corner. Plus your yoga mat won’t get added to your weight allowance if you carry on, bonus!


8. Active travel is the best kind, walk, cycle, run and be free!


If you’re a runner or even if you get into some light jogging this is a fantastic way to discover your surroundings.

Go for a jog around your hotel and see what’s happening and what food is nearby. If you’re planning a holiday, incorporate some hiking or cycling.

If it’s for work, be sure to check that where you’re staying has a gym or if you can possibly stay somewhere close to nature that will inspire you to get up and out early for a walk before your day kicks in!


9. Eat the local cuisine

Getting in touch with the local culture as well as eating locally sourced cuisine will ensure that you’re eating foods that are prepped fresh daily.

That means less GMO, preservative filled foods and less mass farmed livestock.


10. Keep your paws away from your face

I’m certain this has saved me from some pretty severe bouts of gastro and other nasty parasites whilst traveling South East Asia! Get into the habit of not allowing your hands near your face. T

his way no matter what happens or if you don’t get to wash them as often as you like you will save yourself A LOT of wasted days in bed.

This article was written by Marissa Frew from Fit to Travel which is a Reho Travel brand.

Fit to Travel works to build the ease, resilience and positive lifestyle development of the corporate traveller by nurturing the combination of the emotional, mental and physical elements of health. Contact Marissa Frew on 0420 849147 or email 

How do you stay healthy whilst travelling?