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Top 8 coffee spots in San Francisco

Caffeine addicts, right this way. San Fran’s take their coffee just as seriously as Aussies with some of the best roasts around. Here’s 8 top coffee spots that will leave you buzzing with delight.

Caffeine addicts, right this way. San Fran’s take their coffee just as seriously as Aussies with some of the best roasts around. Here’s 8 top coffee spots that will leave you buzzing with delight.

1. Philz Coffee


With a motto “to make people’s day better’, it’s no surprise Philz Coffee was voted the best coffee in San Fran by SF Weekly.

The company has seven locations across San Fran so you won’t have to travel far to experience what founder Phil calls ‘a cup of love.’ With smooth, nutty long blacks and creamy lattes it doesn’t disappoint. Tell the barista it’s your first time and they’ll hand craft your order to satisfy the most fussy of coffee drinkers.


2. Dynamo Donut + Coffee


San Frans are just as passionate about their donuts as they are their coffee so a trip to Dynamo Donut + Coffee is a must.

Located in the food loving Mission district, the oh-so-cute shop serves local coffee, which you can enjoy from their sun-drenched patio out the back. Welcoming owner Sara and her talented baking team hand make the tastiest, lightest, and fluffiest donuts around and use seasonal, local and organic ingredients wherever possible. With flavours like Chocolate Rose and Pepper Glaze, indulging in a sugar hit with your caffeine fix is compulsory.


3. Beanstalk 


Beanstalk is a minimalist, little cafe located in Nob Hill which serves up strong Americanos, creamy cappuccinos and good breakfasts.

The boutique cafe has a friendly atmosphere and chilled vibe. Go early for one of their famous ‘toast cups’, which are bacon and eggs served in a crispy cup of toast.


4. Andytown Coffee Roasters


If you like your coffee strong, this is your place. Since it opened last year in the Outer Sunset neighbourhood, a short walk from the beach the relaxed coffee shop has built a loyal following with locals and surfers who come for the community vibe.

Husband and wife team Lauren Crabbe and Michael McCrory, who originally come from Ireland also make a moorish soda bread from a recipe passed down from McCrory’s grandmother.


5. Four Barrel Coffee


Four Barrel is named for a century-old, four-barreled sample roaster which is still used in this vintage style space. The bohemian brand refuses to offer wi-fi, preferring people to read books and engage with each other over their ethically sourced single-origin espressos.

Take your time to mingle with other coffee fans and listen to the barista tell you about his daily roast as he masterfully creates intricate latte-art or head to the ‘fast bar’ where the baristas will crank out shots of their signature Friendo Blendo espresso on the beautiful La Marzocco Mistral machines.


6. Snowbird


Filmmaker turned coffee shop owner, Eugene Kim says his multi-roaster coffee shop located in San Fran’s Inner West area is a place ‘for dreamers’. Kim wants people to savour his coffee, which is inspired by his friends and family, and linger in his cosy space decorated with vintage finds.

Snowbird has their own take on cold brew, as well as the standard coffee selections and their famous Cafe Bombon, a shot of espresso topped off with a floater of condensed milk – decadent!


7. Blue Bottle Coffee Co.


Expect long lines but Blue Bottle Coffee is worth the wait. Inspired by the origin of coffee in Vienna, the founder of the popular coffee brand now supplies cafes across America. In the Bay area, our favourite is located inside one of San Francisco’s most recognisable landmarks, The Ferry Building.

This café consists of two coffee bars: the first, located in the main arcade, pulls Hayes Valley Espresso on a three group La Marzocco paddlewheel. The second ‘secret’ bar is tucked away around the corner in a side entrance and serves hand-crafted pour-over coffee on individual drip bars. Grab a made to order caramelised Belgian waffles which are baked daily from 7am until 2pm.


8. Sightglass


The newest addition to the ever-growing San Fran coffee scene is Sightglass which serves a range of globally sourced coffees in cute custom mugs. Located in a converted warehouse in the quiet part of San Francisco’s Mission District, the recently opened cafe is warm and welcoming.

Come for the innovative coffee blends and stay for the delectable home baked goods.

What do you think makes a good coffee shop? Have you tried any other San Fran coffee shops?