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Healthy hotel menus, JKF's green park and an aviation-themed gourmet chip truck. It's Thursday and we're back with our top travel trends for the week.

Healthy hotel menus, JKF’s green park and an aviation-themed gourmet chip truck. It’s Thursday and we’re back with our top travel trends for the week.


1. Airport Rooftop Park Designed to ‘refresh’ tired passengers

The airline JetBlue has teamed up with architecture firm Gensler to design a rooftop park at JFK International Airport to make passengers airport experience fun and less miserable.

The sunny rooftop will focus on JetBlue’s health- conscious brand philosophy offering both passengers and their pets the ability to get some fresh air between flights.

The park will appeal to exhausted long-haul passengers who will be able to enjoy a bit of greenery and catch some sunlight before boarding the next plane.


2. A Combination of Travel and Gourmet Chips


Come Fry with Me is a new aviation-themed gourmet chip truck in London serving up a menu packed with purely gourmet fresh French fries.

The gourmet truck features an airplane on the roof and staff wearing flight attendant uniforms serving up trolley-delivered condiments.

The company emphasises its passion for fries and is taking the lead in exciting new fry concoctions including divine dishes such as the truffle and parmesan chips fried in duck fat, Marmite skinny fries, naked fries in Guinness batter and curry fries with mango chutney.

And to make things even better, the clever company is offering sweet treats in the form of sweet potato fries with vanilla icing, chocolate and a peanut butter dip, yum!

 Ps. why not join the Mile Fry Club?

3. W Hong Kong’s Healthy Menu

Sometimes it can be tricky to ‘eat clean’ and stay healthy whilst travelling. Who hasn’t fallen for the hash browns and chocolate muffins at the breakfast buffet?

Health conscious travellers heading to Hong Kong will be delighted to know that W Hotels Hong Kong has partnered with international yoga instructor Tara Stiles and created the healthy menu ‘FIT Bites’.

So what can you find on the menu?

Thai papaya salad, vegetarian sushi rolls and Tara’s own ‘Never Get Sick Soup’.

Guest can also get a couple of yoga sessions under their belts by tuning into Tara Stiles yoga program through their in-suite TVs.

Have you seen any cool travel trends this week? Share them with us in the comment section below…