What’s better than eating authentic, finger licking good Mexican food? How about eating it inside a volcanic cave, three stories underground to the sounds of a mariachi band in the ancient Aztec city of Teotihuacan?

Yep, this place really exists. Known as La Gruta Teotihuacan, the entry to this bucket-list restaurant is hidden behind a pyramid less than an hour’s drive from Mexico City.

The restaurant can be reached by a system of tunnels formed by volcanic activity and La Gruta Teotihuacan’s owners describe the cave as “a poem that will always speak of our origin”.

La Gruta Mexico

A vibrant world exists on the cave’s floor which is filled with long tables, lined with colourful chairs.

The menu is made up of traditional Mexican dishes from tacos, barbacoa, tortillas and escamoles al epazote. Need I say there’s also tequila!

One diner described his dining experience there as “amazing, authentic Mexican cuisine”.

La Gruta Mexico

“They do phenomenal barbacoa. The tortillas are the best I’ve had in my life — they’re crispy, chewy, and they make them fresh in front of you. And phenomenal guacamole.”

And to top it all off some meals are accompanied by mariachi or Ballet Folklórico performers.

The cave has a rich history and is said to have been used by the Mayans to safeguard their gold.

La Gruta-Mexico

Now it’s a place to safeguard some of the best tortillas in Mexico. Who’s hungry?

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