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4 ways to upgrade your life now

Mae West lived by it, Drake and Rick Ross rapped about it, even a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale dedicated an entire menu to it.

Mae West lived by it, Drake and Rick Ross rapped about it, even a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale dedicated an entire menu to it.


We’re talking about a certain little motto that is shouted from the rooftops on debaucherous nights out, hash tagged onto pics from Vegas and relied upon whenever someone is about to chicken out of a dare. That little motto, or life creed, is YOLO – you only live once.


A frightening thought, especially if you are one that generally tends to forego life’s pleasures for sense and sensibility.

We say, instead of scrimping it all away, it’s time for an assault on modesty!

In that vein, KarryOn have prescribed a list of upgrades that are sure to make your only life a memorable one.


1. Its not how long you wait, it’s who you’re waiting for!


In the silver screen classic, Some Like it Hot, Marilyn Monroe stars as musical eye candy, Sugar. Along the many plot lines, Sugar falls for an old sea dog, Junior.

Sugar is to meet Junior atop his impressive (stolen) yacht but before she gets to sample the canapés and champagne aboard, she has to actually make it there….

When she does and is notoriously late, she asks Junior in a lilting voice “did you wait long?”

Junior replies: “It’s not how long you wait, it’s who you’re waiting for.”

And we couldn’t agree more!

That is why your first YOLO mission is to eliminate all those folks you really couldn’t or wouldn’t want to wait for.

After all, life is too short to waste time on those that aren’t worth clambering up on someone else’s yacht for.


2. Its not where youre going, its how you get there


Nicki Minaj croons about a man that is “always in the air but never flies coach” and we believe that guy has YOLO down pat.

Forget attempting to cramp up into a teeny tiny seat for the sake of saving a few frequent flyer points. Splurge!

This includes forgoing cabs for an Uber, opting for a boat with a sun deck for a lazy Sunday session, or investing in a ticket on the Trans-Siberian instead of bustling through local rail networks hoping to get to your next destination.


3. Ok, lets face it – it is where youre going, too


Come on, there’s a difference between heading to the local pools versus flying out for a cheeky weekend on Hayman Island.

And no, memories are not made by sipping a Tooheys in the back yard while lounging around in a plastic kiddie pool. Who do you think you are? Bob Hawke?

Book yourself some time away and start making some life long memories. If Hayman may take too big a chunk out of your schedule, why not opt for a cliff top picnic, a quick Queensland getaway or a weekend camping trip?

Anything that’ll save your neighbours from the sight of a fully grown human wading in a puddle.


4. Quality over quantity


There is something to be said about the superior taste of an aged wine over the hangover-inducing notes of a cask.

Much in the same way that a smaller, superior grade diamond is worth working for over a cloudy rock of little value.

The list includes working smarter, not harder and utilising technology that contains many functions, over a million apps with little function. The latter should always be your first preference.

For travel agents this would mean engaging with platforms that are fast, easy to use, can connect you anytime and anywhere, even on your cheeky Hayman Island weekend away.

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is not only fast and functional but requires minimal training – saving you more time to invent new YOLO missions. Because life is too short not to engage with the best.

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What’s your tip to upgrade your life?