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BESPOKE WELLNESS: Eradicating stress at Thailand's Amatara Wellness Resort

Travel-mad Zoe Macfarlane shares her life on the road as a digital nomad, this week she comes to you feeling relaxed & radiating from Thailand's Amatara Wellness Resort.

Travel-mad Zoe Macfarlane shares her life on the road as a digital nomad, this week she comes to you feeling relaxed & radiating from Thailand’s Amatara Wellness Resort.

Getting clothes tailored in Thailand is a thing. Going to a retreat in Thailand is also a thing. So it makes sense that someone was smart enough to put the two together. No, not tailor-made retreat clothing (though not a bad idea); instead, bespoke retreat packages.

I’m a retreat evangelist and regularly gushing about the benefits of taking some time out for you.

Most retreats provide life-changing benefits, but sometimes the occasional treatment can feel a bit ‘meh’. That’s why I opted for the Amatara Bespoke Wellness package, the retreat equivalent of a deluxe Woolies pick ‘n’ mix.

While Amatara offers six standard off-the-shelf packages, including the popular Detox and Spa Revive, it’s the bespoke package that lets you take control of your own rejuvenation.

Join me as I eradicate stress with a tailor-made wellness program at the gorgeous Amatara Phuket:




Blissful vibes at Amatara Phuket.

I arrive at Amatara frazzled. The welcoming and ornate traditional Thai lobby feel about 3-stars above my current appearance level. More hobo-street than boho-chic.

It’s a look akin to the frayed seams on your favourite outfit, making it fitting that Amatara’s bespoke wellness offerings stitch me back together, mirroring a real-life tailors experience.




Chill vibes at the dedicated retreat pool.

Just like the tailors, you need a fitting. Instead of a tape measure around your waist, it’s a wellness team consult. Phoebe, Amatara’s Director of Wellness, quickly sized me up, recording my current lifestyle markers against my goals.




Colon Hydrotherapy from a dedicated nurse.

The fabric of any retreat is the therapies offered. I was (like so many others here) addressing high levels of stress, as well as needing an immune system boost. Other common health challenges include fatigue, poor diet, and ‘life’ overload.

Phoebe immerses me into Amatara’s heavenly spa program, recommending the signature massage, colon hydrotherapy with stomach massage, lymphatic drainage, and the Ayurvedic Kati Vasti treatment, soothing for the adrenal glands. The wonderful 105-minute Thai Hamman therapy was a highlight and included in every package.




Tailor-made rejuvenation at Amatara Phuket.

As with any great tailor, the workmanship is what makes the outfit. The wellness treatments here are luscious, luxe and invigorating. The skilled therapists appear to have some kind of massage Midas touch.

Therapy by therapy, the stress dissolves. Each treatment like a re-stitched seam on the garment that is my body. By the end of my stay, I’m restored and renewed, tailor-made back to perfection.




Plenty of fitness options, including Pilates Reformer classes.

The great thing about tailoring is that you customise everything to your exact needs, and the results predominantly sit with you. If you’re new to retreat life, Amatara offers a relaxed entry. No one is monitoring if you’re having the burger in the main restaurant or the low-fat noodles at the Retreat outlet.

Join in the included group fitness classes, or don’t. Instead, relax on the balcony of your fabulous room. It’s up to you how much you put in and how fabulous your garment (i.e. you) is looking at the end of your stay. In just three days, I went from thrift store castaway to couture gown!


What would you include in your customised retreat package?