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Take a wellness trip in Phuket to detox your body and sharpen the mind

Thailand has embraced the wellness holiday trend with thousands flocking each year to the Land of Smiles, and Phuket in particular to detox the body, calm the mind and generally get healthier.

Thailand has embraced the wellness holiday trend with thousands flocking each year to the Land of Smiles, and Phuket in particular to detox the body, calm the mind and generally get healthier.

But you don’t really hear about a program that’s been specifically designed to look after the most important organ in your body: the brain. Which is concerning, as the brain is undoubtedly the hardest working human organ, and a healthy brain correlates to a healthy body and mind.

Unfortunately, brain function begins to deteriorate later in life, resulting in memory loss and poorer cognitive performance – especially with those that have dementia. But it’s possible to slow down and even reverse brain degeneration if you identify any abnormalities and embark on a path of behavioural change before it’s too late.

The Brain Health Institute in Phuket is a unique medical institute that specialises in the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease, and offers preventative and holistic personalised programs designed to optimise brain performance as we age.

Here are five reasons why your next holiday to Phuket should incorporate a stay at The Brain Health Institute.

1. You’ll learn about food & nutrition


Healthy eating and nutrition are vital parts of overall brain health, which is why the Brain Health Institute teaches patients all the ins and outs of eating healthy during its Brain Health Programs.

This is the kind of practical information that you can take home with you, helping you live longer and keeping your brain in tip-top shape.


2. You’ll be comfortable throughout your stay


Brain Health Institute offers guests ultra-comfy rooms that have been specifically designed for high quality sleep and relaxation and feature iPad controlled lighting and temperature. A stay here also includes delicious and healthy meals, access to an on-call butler 24/7, and the support of a Personal Assistant throughout their programs.

For those looking for an even more relaxing experience once their time at the Brain Health Institute is up, it’s also possible to spend another five nights at the luxurious Amatara Wellness Resort at Cape Panwa, Phuket.


3. You’ll learn how to meditate


When practiced regularly, meditation is an effective antidote to stress and has a positive overall impact on your health – it’s basically like a little holiday to Thailand! Brain Health Institute teach the basics of mindfulness meditation based on the latest scientific findings as part of their range of Brain Health Programs.


4. You’ll receive a comprehensive brain check-up


Using state-of-the-art medical technology, your grey matter will be screened, analysed and tested for a range of brain abnormalities.

Each patient receives a personalised screening program that uses a combination of neuropsychological examinations, including laboratory tests, brainpower and memory assessment, MRI exam, retina scan, and a sleep test.

All these tests are conducted to identify any issues before they become serious problems. As they say, prevention is 100 times better than a cure.


5. You’ll exercise both the body & the mind


What’s a health retreat without exercise, right? The Brain Health Institute offers exercise programs to help patients become fitter and stronger, all under the expert supervision of highly experienced personal trainers.

During the program, patients will also take part in a cognitive training program that’s been designed to keep your brain firing on all cylinders through a range of activities that exercise the mind. These last activities are especially effective in staving off dementia.

Find out more about the personalised Brain Health Programs offered by the Brain Health Institute in Phuket here, and look after your brain today so it keeps looking after you well into the future.

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