DIY 'Self-Iso Home Hotel' Reviews: Casa De Lefebvre, Sydney

Usually, we'd be bringing you the worlds best hotel reviews – but given we're pretty limited in our evaluating capacity right now, instead we're bringing you some different types of properties like my place in Wollstonecraft, Sydney.

Usually, we’d be bringing you the worlds best hotel reviews – but given we’re pretty limited in our evaluating capacity right now, instead we’re bringing you some different types of properties like my place in Wollstonecraft, Sydney.

Welcome to ‘Casa De Lefebvre’.

Located in the leafy heart of Wollstonecraft, this little urban gem offers a place to lay your head and soak up the ‘Bachy pad’ vibes without having to clean up when you depart.

First impressions… When I saw the self iso-special on offer at this incomparable bed and breakfast in the inner Sydney suburb, it was something I leapt at. As I walked in and tripped over the masses of cables strewn across the living room, I knew this place had character.

Already, it felt like all good hotels should – a home from home.


The Check-In

The self-check-in was a simple enough process made all the more pleasant by the other guest (tenant?) greeting me.

He seemed a bit bemused as I entered, with a small roller suitcase in hand, but I soon overlooked his surprise as I stepped through the makeshift foyer to find a modest, yet comfortable hardwood room.

A quick once around of the room, let me note a consistent minimalist theme in regards to the decor. The walls here are bare aside from a wastebasket that appears to be doubling as a basketball hoop hanging five feet off the ground. I couldn’t locate the ball, but regardless, we’re off to a good start, and I’m eager to discover more.

While I wait for some last-minute tidying up to be done in my room, I’m given a ‘sparking health drink’ and told to enjoy it on the balcony while my ‘suite’ is prepared.


The Room

Opening the door of my executive suite (the presidential suite sadly, was taken), I stepped into a cosy and welcoming room. Harbour views might be a slight (and dangerous) stretch, but the suite boasts a cityscape with water views if you are game for craning your neck.

The fittings here are modest with muted tones and a polished wooden floor that complete what is a very zen feel. The calming sandalwood scent (or was it Lynx Africa?) added to the faux luxe feel, and I liked it.

The towel sculpture ensemble on the bed reminded me of a Carnival cruise I did many years ago. I’m not exactly sure what animal this was supposed to resemble, but it did bring back fond memories of days and nights on the high seas.

The room also comes with a beautiful, unique feature of a daily 5:30 am wake up call courtesy of Sydney Trains. The mild track screeching of heavy metal on its way to Milsons Point might not be as euphonious as you’d like, but it does have a snooze function with a second train coming by no less than 5 minutes later. That is, of course, if the trains are running to schedule.

While this feature might not be everyone’s cup of chai latté, It did add to the urban vibe I was craving.



There are no buffet breakfasts here, but, for the lack of breakfast, liquid choices are more than made up for by the vast selection of Nespresso roasts.

The bowl of pods is a kaleidoscope of bean varieties from caramel to Colombian, allowing a quick escape to anywhere in the world with your morning brew.

For lunch and dinner, the pre-packaged meals are both quickly scoffed and delicious, and while Masterchef’s Matt Preston would be distraught at the lack of care in plating, the flavours make mealtime both healthy and delicious.

The seared ‘performance steak’ with sweet potato was a personal favourite and microwaved to absolute perfection.



Usually, you think of tennis courts, swimming pools or games rooms when picturing what activities are on offer. However, this boutique B&B “forgoes the usual cliches” as the owner says in favour of a more down to earth, rustic (and isolated) approach to stay activities.

The highlight would have to be doing battle (against yours truly – hello social distancing) on the living area court with exhausting but joyous hourly games of sock basketball. If hoops aren’t your thing, there are also nightly sessions of FIFA20 or endless reruns of Suits in the movie theatre.

Just don’t expect popcorn. Actually, don’t expect anything.



Casa De Lefebvre certainly isn’t the most spacious or flashy stay you’ll find in Wollstonecraft, but it offers a warm, homely vibe that makes it the ideal place to be serving isolation. I’m giving it four stars.

Room rates are negotiable and include limited Nespresso and unlimited Sock Basketball.


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