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How to Choose the Perfect Scenic Europe River Cruise for Your Client

River cruising is back, and with a 2-year break in trip planning, it’s lucky there’s Scenic with their broad selection of truly all-inclusive luxury river cruises to match every kind of traveller. And they’ve just released their 2023 Europe River Cruising collection.

River cruising is back, and with a 2-year break in trip planning, it’s lucky there’s Scenic with their broad selection of truly all-inclusive luxury river cruises to match every kind of traveller. And they’ve just released their 2023 Europe River Cruising collection.

Scenic: Luxury River Cruising Done Right

If you’re new to the travel industry (or a little rusty from 2-years of booking domestic trips), you need to know that Scenic is famous for being in a class of its own when it comes to their all-inclusive luxury river cruising, ocean cruising, and handcrafted journeys. Offering end-to-end travel arrangements, every guest is in the best of hands from start to finish, no matter where they travel with Scenic.

When we say Scenic is truly all-inclusive, we mean it. No hidden costs for the sumptuous gourmet meals onboard. No surprise charges for the beverages you enjoy at the bar, the restaurant, or in your comfortable suite. And most definitely no lacking in quality during every unforgettable excursion and experience.

Out of This World: The Scenic Space-Ship

Boarding a 5-star Scenic Space-Ship affords a sense of the other-worldly attention to detail Scenic have created onboard. Spacious and luxurious, the intimacy of the experience (supported by a maximum of 163 guests aboard) ensures you maximise your connection to the history, culture, and spectacular landscape of the European rivers on which you cruise.

Every custom-designed Scenic Space-Ship offers ample public spaces to relax and soak in the atmosphere of the fascinating regions that gently pass you by. With the option to retreat to your spacious suite when the mood suits, of course.

Impeccable service is at your fingertips, as is an abundance of world-class dining experiences that capture the tastes of the region.

Scenic Freechoice

Catering to travellers seeking more flexibility and enhanced soul-enriching experiences at every destination, Scenic presents its included Scenic Freechoice excursions. In short, Scenic Freechoice allows every guest to choose the sightseeing, activities, and dining that suits their individual expectations of how they want their European river cruise to go. Whether it’s a guest looking for a leisurely pace, or a gung-ho traveller wishing to squeeze in as much as possible, Scenic Freechoice makes it possible. In 2023, there are 16 new Scenic Freechoice options added to their sightseeing program.

Scenic Enrich

Scenic Enrich takes Scenic’s immersive experiences one level higher, with meaningful activities that make any cruise unforgettable. Like an exclusive classical concert followed by dinner at the extravagant Pope’s Palace in Avignon or enjoying an acapella choir performance at Trinity Chapel. One exciting experience in Bordeaux includes exclusive after hours access to the immersive digital art exhibition Les Bassins des Lumières.

The Best of Scenic, 2023

We’ve searched the pages of the brand new 2023 Scenic collection, and we’re impressed (once again) by the attention to detail throughout. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to select our 2023 top picks:

  • For the first-time cruiser, the popular 15-day Jewels of Europe presents the perfect opportunity to sample the best of Europe’s riverways, cruising from charming Amsterdam to beautiful Budapest.
  • Who wouldn’t want to join a culinary cruise in France? Scenic’s Tastes of Southern France has us salivating at the region’s gastronomic fare and sumptuous wines.
  • Unforgettable Douro takes in Portugal’s finest wineries, local produce, and enchanting attractions. The Scenic Enrich option is a wow-worthy exclusive private classical concert at Porto’s São Francisco Church!
  • For the history and culture buffs out there, the 15-day Romantic Rhine & Moselle captivates and inspires. As does the 11-day Normandy and Gems of the Seine cruise departing Paris.
  • For travellers reuniting with loved ones, shorter cruises like the 8-day Charming Castles and Vineyards of the Rhine & Moselle and 8-day Gems of the Danube (11-days with a Prague add-on) make ideal additions to the start or conclusion of their long-haul return to Europe.

Not too Late to Book 2022

Now the borders are clearly staying open and more travel restrictions are dropping, the appetite for 2022 trips is back. In fact, we could say that travellers are famished!

Good news: it’s not too late to book a suite on these niche Scenic 2022 cruises:

  • For a white Christmas, Scenic’s curated Christmas Cruises offer an enchanting upgrade to an already-charming tour. The buzzy vibes of the 15-day Christmas Markets sailing is one for the memory bank, as is the unforgettable Christmas and New Year extravaganza. These will both be available for 2023 sailings, too.
  • For horticulturalists travellers, the Flourishing Floriade 2022 Expos in Amsterdam is a once-in-a-decade travel opportunity.

Agent Read This!

Scenic has exclusive airfares to accompany their cruises and tours to suit all kinds of travellers. In 2023 economy class flights are included, or add a business class airfare for $3,995 per person, or first-class for $11,995, per person. For selected 2022 sailings, business class is available for $3,250 per person (on journey code: STC, SEI, FRAC, FRLC), or $4,250 per person (on journey code: AMBA, CHMA, CHAA), depending on the itinerary. The great news about Scenic’s inclusive airfares? You get a 5% commission on international airfares (excluding Air New Zealand), plus your client’s entire itinerary is easily managed.

Travel stacking is an emerging trend where travellers combine more than one cruise or journey on an extended overseas adventure. This trend is great for agents as more tours equal higher commissions.

To get 24/7 live availability, new offers, and information to support your client’s bookings, visit Scenic’s Expressbook. You can also upgrade your Scenic know-how with their informative training videos.

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