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Karryon takes off to celebrate with RedBalloon for Business

What image comes to mind when you think of a red balloon? Perhaps it's childhood or joy, maybe hopefulness; definitely a celebration.

What image comes to mind when you think of a red balloon? Perhaps it’s childhood or joy, maybe hopefulness; definitely a celebration.

For many Australians now, it’s the experiential gift company RedBalloon that encompasses all of these things … and sometimes a little more. 

Part of the RedBalloon portfolio, RedBalloon for Business aims to help companies recognise and reward staff through experiences. So much like the travel industry, RedBalloon focuses on the less stuff, more stories mantra – which is something we should all get onboard with.

But RedBalloon’s offering also seems to sit comfortably alongside other employee retention drivers like remuneration, promotions and awards.

Part of a bunch of airborne experiences that also include hot air ballooning and helicopter rides, RedBalloon’s seaplane flights gift recipients an adventurous journey above the spectacular Sydney coastline and harbour.

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“This is your Captain speaking…” Aka Dani Tuffield, General Manager, Karryon

For the Karryon team, it also gave them a heck of a story to tell as they took to the skies for an early Christmas event.

Departing from Sydney Seaplanes’ Rose Bay terminal, the team flew onboard RedBalloon’s freshly branded aircraft for an exclusive and exciting 30-minute ‘Fly n Dine’ flight before sharing their experience and highlights over a delicious three-course a-la-carte lunch at the terminal’s waterfront Empire Lounge.

Karryon founder and managing director Matt Leedham said RedBalloon for Business had been easy to work with and found an activity that helped uniquely connect the whole team in the lead-up to the holiday season.

“After another huge year of helping rebuild the travel industry, getting to enjoy such a bucket-list experience together as a team was simply magic,” said Leedham.

“It can often be a challenge to find original ideas for team events or incentives, let alone have the time to organise them. Working with the awesome folks at RedBalloon for Business made the whole process easy and fun.”

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RedBalloon for Business gifting experiences are suitable for all ages and interests, can be purchased in bulk, and are even valid for five years – not that you’d want to wait anywhere near that long for our seaplane adventure.

Earlier this year, RedBalloon joined forces with Destination NSW to promote local tours. The brand also partnered with Tourism Australia in 2021 to encourage Aussies to rethink the gifts they leave under the Christmas tree. 

RedBalloon’s parent company, Big Red Group, also owns Aussie experience brands Experience Oz and Local Agent, among others.

To check out RedBalloon’s experiences and Corporate Gift Vouchers, visit