There’s a whole lot of squishy, fluffy, sweet goodness happening in Chicago right now with the US city home to the world’s first-ever marshmallow cafe, XO Marshmallow.

This whimsical cafe serves handcrafted, gourmet marshmallows in flavours and forms that you’d never have imagined were possible.

Owners Kat Connor and Lindzi Shanks had a vision of taking the “fluffy, adorable treat” and elevating it to new heights.

“XO Marshmallow brings the nostalgia of sipping cocoa with s’mallows, or roasting s’mores by the campfire, with a modern twist.”

XO Marshmallow owners

And these are not marshmallows like you’ve seen them before. They have zero preservatives, premium ingredients and are naturally gluten-free.

Each and every small batch of gourmet marshmallows is handcrafted with care. Flavours range right from classic vanilla bean through to lavender honey, maple pecan, Nutella and champagne.

They also come out with new creative monthly flavours such as flaming hot Cheeto marshmallows. Hey, I’m game!

There are marshmallow infused hot chocolates, s’mores like you’ve never seen them before (there are even s’mores tacos aka S’MACOs) and an amazing gooey marshmallow creation that you eat with a spoon.

Make your childhood dreams come true with an ice cream cones filled with chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla marshmallow and topped with chocolate.

These are the kind of treats you’d book a plane ticket just to try.

The owners say Chicago is the perfect climate for marshmallows: beautiful summers that are perfect for s’mores and horrible winters that are perfect for hot chocolate. We’re down with that.

For anyone heading to Chicago, you can find this sweet spot at 6977 North Sheridan Road, Chicago.