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Mountains, Glaciers and Parks: Road Trippin' USA

If you're fantasising about escaping to one of the most beautiful and untouched destinations on the planet, strap yourself in, because this Alaskan virtual road trip will take you on a wilderness adventure like no other.

If you’re fantasising about escaping to one of the most beautiful and untouched destinations on the planet, strap yourself in, because this Alaskan virtual road trip will take you on a wilderness adventure like no other.

Alaska is a destination that many dream of, and it’s not too hard to see why. Boasting breathtaking scenery, stunning wildlife, and more glaciers than you can shake a stick at, the “Mountains, Glaciers and Parks” itinerary is a journey that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Harnessing the magic of three wondrous locations; including one of the most talked-about national parks in the world; you’ll experience nature at its finest and may even contemplate a whole new way of living.

Did someone say “build a log cabin and disappear into the wilderness for a while?”

Yes please.

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Mountains, Glaciers and Parks: Route Highlights

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1. Anchorage, Alaska

Karryon-BUSA-Road Trippin-Knik Glacier-Anchorage-810x460_ben-possehl-oA8D8M4zMxg-unsplash
Knik Glacier, Anchorage

Begin your journey in Anchorage, one the world’s most northern cities.

Take the opportunity to explore the many museums, restaurants and eclectic boutiques and stores this unique city has to offer.

For those who love to learn, a visit to the Alaska Aviation Museum is a must and for those who can’t turn down a good view, should head to Crow’s Nest atop The Hotel Captain Cook for dinner.

After you’ve had a good night’s sleep, spend your exploring the wildlife and glaciers of Alaska. Customise your day to include the Portage Glacier, Mount Alyeska or Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Most tours range from 2.5 to eight hours long.

Cruise across Portage Lake to marvel at glaciers and discover the plants and animals in Portage Valley. Then, ride a tram to the summit of Mount Alyeska to view the Turnagain Arm off Cook Inlet and many alpine glaciers.

Oh, and keep an eye out for the local wolves, elk and grizzly bears.

2. Anchorage > Kodiak Island, Alaska

Karryon-BUSA-Road Trippin-810x460_grant-lechner--XqfMWQNK9M-unsplash
Kodiak Island

You can’t properly get to know a destination until you’ve learned about its traditional owners, so begin your day by visiting the Alaska Native Heritage Center to see dwellings and demonstrations that introduce the state’s 11 native cultural groups.

Those who fancy an adventure should make sure their cameras are charged before following a 2.4-kilometre trail and hiking to the summit of the 1,070-metre Flattop Mountain. We’ve heard the views are pretty sweet.

This afternoon, take a short 45-minute flight from Anchorage to Kodiak Island, Alaska’s largest fishing port, for an overnight stay.

  • FLIGHT TIME: 455kms: 45 mins flight time

3. Kodiak Island > Anchorage, Alaska

Karryon-busa-road trippin-kodiak island-810x460_brent-jones-fKhmV0dQEYU-unsplash
Brown Bears, Kodiak Island

Kodiak island is the USA’s second largest island after Hawaii, and really is one of the country’s most adventurous destinations.

The Brown Bears totally got the memo about the amazing fishing spots of the island, so today take a guided sightseeing excursion or sea float tour to meet (at a safe distance) some of the 3,000 bears living on the island.

If you’re not an excursion kind of traveller, no worries – you could also rent a car and explore the island by yourself.

Once you’re done exploring, jump on an early evening flight back to Anchorage.

  • FLIGHT TIME: 455kms: 45 mins flight time

4. Anchorage > Denali National Park, Alaska

Karryon-BUSA-Road Trippin-Mt McKinley-810x460_YancyCaldwell---DenaliNatPark-(10-of-15)
Mt McKinley, Denali National Park

Rail lovers, get excited because today you’ll be departing Anchorage on a scenic journey aboard the Denali Star Train to Denali National Park. For something a little more special, consider upgrading to a dome car for incredible sightseeing.

Your rail journey will take you north through Talkeetna, with spectacular views of Mount McKinley and the Alaska wilderness en route.

If train travel isn’t your thing, the Park Connection Motorcoach runs daily and maybe a faster way to get to your destination.

If you’d like to experience both options, ride the train in one direction and the bus the other way to view Alaska’s scenery from a new and exciting perspective.

If saving time is more important to you, another option is air service, which also operates from Anchorage to Denali.

  • TRAVEL TIME: 222kms: 8 hours train time / 5 hours drive time / 1 hour and 30 mins flight time

5. Denali National Park, Alaska

Say hello to Denali and reconnect with the natural world. Spend the entire day exploring this raw and mystical national park.

Covering more than 2 million hectares, this remote wilderness features the tallest peak in North America as well as alpine forests, tundra, and glaciers.

Bus tours take you through the park via 148-kilometre Denali Park Road where you can spot wildlife and gaze at the impressive scenery that surrounds you.

Choose from nature and wildlife tours as well as the Kantishna Tour, which deposits you in a historic gold town.

If you’d like to get the adrenalin going, set off on a hike from the visitor’s centre or Savage River, go whitewater rafting on the Nenana River, try mountain biking or visit the Denali sled dog kennels to see a demonstration.

6. Denali National Park > Anchorage, Alaska

Portage Glacier, Anchorage
Portage Glacier, Anchorage

Today, complete your journey by returning to Anchorage by bus, train or airplane and enjoy an afternoon and evening immersing yourself in the city’s shopping, arts, and dining options.

You may be lost for words right now, but the massive smile on your face will retell stories of your adventures for years to come.

TRAVEL TIME: 222kms: 8 hours train time / 5 hours drive time / 1 hour and 30 mins flight time

Download the complete Mountains, Glaciers and Parks‘ itinerary here!

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