Airports are pretty emotional places. They’re where we tearfully say our goodbyes, where we welcome loved ones back home, and where we set off on grand adventures to exotic and exciting parts of the world.

And then there are all the tense security checks, the waiting around for your luggage (did they lose my bags?) and the frustration you feel when your flights been delayed.

For most people, that’s more than enough emotion to deal with on a trip to the airport.

But for others, well, they’re looking to up the anti and inject about a ton more of the stuff into their airport experience. I’m talking about the romantics that pop the big question in front of waiting crowds of and weary travellers at airports.

Here are five of the best marriage proposals (all said YES) ever captured at airports around the world, because having a camera shoved in your face is the first thing you want when getting off a flight…


1. The serenading proposal

This couple had been dating for years when David decided to surprise Westjet employee Alison with an airport marriage proposal at Toronto Airport in Canada.

But instead of doing the asking himself, he let the song and his singing do it instead, and to the smiling crowd and indeed David himself she said YES!


2. The Flash Mob Proposal

Continuing the music theme, this guy took things about a thousands steps further, organising a flash mob to preamble his proposal to his girl at Santo Domingo Airport in the Dominican Republic.

This was one slick production.


3. The transit proposal

Waiting around at airports suck. It’s boring and everything is sooo expensive. That’s probably why Mark used the time to propose to his girlfriend Robin – jokes!

In all seriousness, this video has a really awesome back story. This loved-up couple actually met at Toronto Pearson Airport some years back, and so it made sense to take their relationship to the next level by proposing at one.


4. The baggage carousel proposal

Jeff and Kat love travelling.

One day, whilst waiting for their checked bags to appear, Jack decided he didn’t want to wait around any longer for the love of his wife to become his wife and proposed – carrousel side – at Vancouver airport. Thankfully, she said yes!

Word on airport is that this luggage carousel is now referred to as the carousel of love.


5. The waiting by taxi-stand proposal

Alex and Jasmina had been dating for five and half years before Alex decided to get down on one knee at Toronto Airport and ask his girl to marry him. Jasmina had just returned from a trip to Europe, and as she left the terminal building, Alex was there holding a single rose.

After a suitable pause, Jasmina said the word that signalled the start of their new life together as man and wife: YES!

Wow, Canadians are quite the romantic bunch aren’t they?!

Have you ever been witness to an airport marriage proposal? Did you cry? Let us know in the comments below.