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OFF SEASON SECRETS: Banff & Lake Louise is all the rage

Banff and Lake Louise aren’t just summer destinations. They’re year-round superstars with added advantages if you choose to visit when everyone else goes home…

Banff and Lake Louise aren’t just summer destinations. They’re year-round superstars with added advantages if you choose to visit when everyone else goes home…

In case you don’t know the difference between the two, Banff is the major town of the area, famous for its gorgeous Rocky Mountains backdrop, glacial lakes, wildlife, variety of accommodation from castles, to cabins and comfort stays. Plus excellent skiing options, hiking and biking trails galore and even hot springs.

In contrast, Lake Louise is a small hamlet township of the Rockies with equally spectacular mountain views, Victoria Glacier, Johnston Canyon and of course its stunning turquoise Lake Louise.  Visitors flock to the Lake year round to witness its seasonal beauty.

Visiting in winter is like stepping into a children’s story book as the mountains turn to a magical white and snowflake crystals reflect the majestic beauty that surrounds.  Best of all for travel agents, you can get your clients into the prestigious properties for almost half the price of summer travel.


Accommodation prices plummet


If you check out accommodation prices and availability during the shoulder (Oct/Nov and April) and winter seasons (December through March). What do you see?

Yep, accommodation prices drop in both Banff and Lake Louise during the shoulder and winter seasons, including the renowned Fairmont properties which are close to half the price in winter than what they are in summer. Score!

There are also hotels and apartments that line the streets of Banff Avenue close to all the restaurants and social scene, while in Lake Louise the guests can choose to stay in a castle on the lake or in a wilderness stay unique to the area.


Northern lights dance across the sky

Photo credit: CTC Aurora Village, winter

Iceland, Norway and Finland are not the only places on the globe where the northern lights come out to play during winter.

Nuh-uh. Ever heard Yellowknife? Not only is it the capital city of Canada’s Northwest Territories, but it has the most aurora viewing opportunities in the world! 

And getting there from Banff is easy too: just catch a direct 2 hour flight (with either Air Canada and Westjet) from Calgary over the province of Alberta and you’re there!

This means that it’s so easy to combine both Banff and Lake Louise with Yellowknife in winter – how’s that for a cool add-on for your clients?


No cramping in like a sardine on public transport


You don’t need to hire a car or fork out for your own driver in the mountain townships of Banff and Lake Louise. These mountainous communities are well served by an excellent and very affordable local public system called ROAM.

There’s also a variety of transfer options to attractions and locations all around town, as well as tour providers where you can really discover the best of Banff!


So what are you waiting for?

Give your clients the best piece of advice by creating a package to Banff and Lake Louise (with perhaps a sneaky trip to Yellowknife to see the Northern Lights) with Adventure World today.


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