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What do a tube of Vegemite, Kangaroo Island and video work have in common? TravelManagers' Tanya Patterson.

What do a tube of Vegemite, Kangaroo Island and video work have in common? TravelManagers’ Tanya Patterson.


The PTM from Clyde North in Victoria was the highlight of a recent famil to the island when she used the Vegemite tube to interview her peers for a few light-hearted video clips that mimicked the style of different wildlife and travel shows.

The parody clips, shared with everyone in the TravelManagers community, were immediately a hit, with many describing them as a tongue-in-cheek way to share experiences and keep in touch with those at home.

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“I have had an amazing response from my fellow PTMs, saying how great the videos were and asking if I can make some more!”

Tanya Patterson, TravelManagers

“It turns out that the videos are actually a pretty great tool to give consultants an unbiased overview of the current state of a destination and how the hotels and attractions look.”

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She said she also hopes the idea will be picked up by her TravelManagers’ colleagues, a number of whom assisted in producing the original series of ten video clips.

“Nicole Edgar, [representative for Narre Warren South, Victoria], along with some of the other PTMs were great sports in contributing to the filming, using props, and being included in the clips,” she added.

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According to Patterson, although the clips were not intended to be viewed by clients, she believes that they will be the eventual beneficiaries of her work.

TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, saif the company is fully supportive of initiatives like the one undertaken by Patterson.

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