Choose a favourite lip gloss and start warming up your facial muscles. Hamilton Island is calling on guests and locals to pucker up in paradise this International Kissing Day, Sunday, 6 July.

Originating in the United Kingdom, this fun, international holiday will see Australia’s premier island destination stop to appreciate the simple gesture, yet powerful expression of love: the kiss. With an abundance of love for its guests and renowned as a romantic holiday destination, Hamilton Island simply couldn’t let this loved up holiday slip by unnoticed.

 “International Kissing Day will be a great chance to show our guests how much we love sharing our slice of paradise with them. For those on Island this Sunday, we’ll be spreading the love and charging the romance with a few kiss inspired treats so make sure you keep an eye out!”

Ciaran Handy, General Manager of Hotels – Hamilton Island. 

Hamilton Island challenges Australians everywhere to do the same and be generous with your kisses on Sunday. Not sure where to start? If you’re thinking of spoiling your loved one, why not do so in paradise. Here are Hamilton Island’s top 10 places to enjoy a cheeky kiss (or three) this International Kissing Day:

1. Sunset at Bommie Deck

Sunset at Bommie Deck_KarryOn

Hand your loved one a “Bommie Kiss” cocktail, watch the sun set over the marina and enjoy a romantic kiss on the Bommie deck at the Hamilton Island Yacht Club – the challenger of record in the 35th America’s Cup. It’s a sure way to send the brownie points soaring!


2. Passage Peak

Passage Peak_KarryOn

After a decent walk up to the highest point on Hamilton Island, you’ll have well and truly deserved a celebration kiss for your efforts; a smooch best matched with a spectacular view of the sun rise.


3. Koala kiss

Wildlife Hamilton Island_KarryOn

While devouring a delicious buffet breakfast including eggs, bacon, hash browns, and pancakes at Wildlife Hamilton Island, why not blow a kiss towards the cuddly koalas watching on. If that’s not enough and you find yourself still bursting with love for your new furry friends, why not give the koala a hug and have a photo taken as a keepsake – a great International Kissing Day memory to keep for years to come.


4. 18th hole of Hamilton Island Golf Course

Hamilton Island Golf Course_KarryOn

Show off your talents by playing 18 holes with your plus one at the Hamilton Island Golf Club; Australia’s only golf course located on its very own Island. As you hit your last ball, a congratulatory (or you’ll-do-better-next-time) kiss will no doubt be coming your way!


5. Spa qualia

qualia spa_KarryOn

a plethora of thank you kisses will be coming your way pre and post the ultimate couple’s treatment at the world-class, luxurious spa qualia. Spoil your partner in style with a cocktail of sweet chocolate spice massage oil, vinotherapie body scrubs, pinot noir body masks, and time spent soaking (and kissing!) in an aromatic chocolate foaming bath.


6. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hil_KarryOn

Enjoy a cocktail and a stunning sunset as you settle in for a romantic afternoon at this iconic look out. The renowned One Tree Hill pop up bar is open every day so settle in for a few drinks – and kisses – as you cap off yet another blissfully romantic day.


7. Beach Club

Beach Club_KarryOn

As you relax in the Beach Club resort’s private infinity pool, looking out through the palm trees over Hamilton Island’s picturesque Catseye Beach across to the Whitsunday Islands beyond, you won’t be able to not shower your partner an excited I-can’t-believe-we-are-actually-here kiss.


8. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach_KarryOn

Boasting seven kilometers of pristine white sand and vibrant turquoise water, and only a quick boat trip from Hamilton Island, Whitehaven Beach will spoil you with options when it comes to selecting the perfect place to pucker up. Recognised by TripAdvisor as 2014’s number one beach in Australia, and one of the best in the world, it will hard to top this kiss in paradise …


9. Windward pavilion, qualia

Spa qualia_KarryOn

that is until you check into Hamilton Island’s award winning luxury resort, qualia! Sweep your loved one completely off their feet with a kiss in your own private Windward Pavilion plunge pool. We promise this indulgence will ensure kisses of love and gratitude will continue coming your way all day long – and no doubt for many days to come.


10. Flying over Heart Reef

Image Inside_Heart Reef_KarryOn

There’s nothing more romantic than a kiss inside a helicopter as you fly over the famed Heart Reef. As the reef comes into site, pucker up and get the iPhone ready. There’s no way you won’t want to Instagram this kissing happy snap!


Are you planning to surprise your partner on International Kissing Day?