From the Harry Potter hotel in London to Fremantle Prison YHA in Perth, at KarryOn we love seeking out new wicked hotels from around the world.

These are the coolest hotels trending at the moment and whether you are keen to share your breakfast with a giraffe or snuggle up on a bed made of ice (keep your Long Johns on) or sleep in an automobile this list has you covered.

1.ICEHOTEL, Sweden

When staying at the ICEHOTEL, you better be prepared for an icy reception. Located in Jukkasjärvi, 200km north of the Arctic Circle, ICEHOTEL is an art exhibition and hotel made completely from ice and snow.

The hotel is re-built each winter by a team of designers from all creative disciplines who build the walls, floors, ceilings and furniture completely from ice and snow. If sleeping sound in -5 degrees isn’t for you, ICEHOTEL also features warm rooms for the warm-blooded. Come spring, the hotel melts and returns to Mother Nature.


2. Dog Park Inn, Cottonwood USA

This apartment brings new meaning to being in the doghouse. The 3 bedroom complex is built inside a giant beagle, with one bedroom built inside the beagle’s snout.

The idea was the brain child of owners, Francis and Dennis, who also encourage guests to visit their gift store and studio where they create canine carvings by chainsaw. Unsurprisingly, pets are also allowed, if not encouraged.


3. Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam, Amsterdam

Located 12 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam is the Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam where the best view is actually of the hotel itself. A stacking of various traditional houses from the Zaan area, the hotel is an architectural masterpiece.

The rooms aren’t bad either, with a nod to traditional and modern Dutch art. There’s no shortage of things to get up to in Amsterdam – just ensure you don’t get ‘spaced out’ on the local culture.


4. V8 Hotel, Germany

This one’s for the rev heads. When it comes to automobile restoration, you can’t get much cooler than the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart which is a car-lovers paradise.

The rooms are themed on legendary automobiles, from racey numbers to vintage collectables. Even the beds themselves have been turned into classic convertibles, making this is the only place in the world where it’s ok to fall asleep at the wheel. If the hotel inspires you to take a trip on the local autobahn, ensure you have an international driver’s license and a ‘vignette’ (pre-paid toll sticker) before you hit the road.


5. Spitbank Sea Fort, England


Don’t mind the idea of staying on a private island in the sea between Portsmouth and the Isle of White? We didn’t think so. Located two hours from London, the Spitbank Sea Fort was originally built to protect Portsmouth from the attached of Napoleon III.

The fort is now a luxurious destination, boasting 9 bedrooms, a roof top spa, sauna and fire pit. Only accessible via boat, this converted gun emplacement gives a new nod to luxury and is as memorable place to host a destination wedding.


6. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

There’s nothing like getting back to nature and a stay at Giraffe Manor in Kenya is the perfect way to do it. But as the name suggests, you won’t be the only guest. Giraffe Manor is home to a resident herd of Rothschild giraffe who have no problem popping their heads through the kitchen window to say ‘hello’ each morning.

The hotel itself is set on 12 acres of idyllic land in the Langata suburb of Nairobi. The city itself is nicknamed ‘Nairobbery’ so keep your wits (and your valuables) about you if you plan any day trips.


7. The Free Spirit Spheres, Canada


If you haven’t outgrown your love of tree houses, the Free Spirit Spheres are your spiritual home. Giant handcraft pendants than hang from the tall tree within the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, theres 9ft spheres are kitted out with the necessitates – a bed, a settee, kitchen space, purified water for tea and coffee and some incredible views.

The Free Spirit Spheres are open 12 months of the year, giving travellers every chance to see Canada in all its seasonal glory.


8. Kakslauttanen, Finland


Staying at the Kakslauttanen hotel is the only way to do accommodation in the snow. The hotel rooms are warm, cosy and tranquil. And did we mention they’re igloos? Made completely from glass, the igloos provide 180 degree views of the beautiful environment the Finnish Laplands are famous for.

If you really want to take your experience down a notch (tempreture-wise, that is) you can opt to stay in an ice igloo which stays a consistent –3 degree as you snuggle down inside your sleeping bag.


9. Hostel Celica, Slovenia


The only time it is okay to spend the night behind bars is at the Hostel Celica in Slovenia. More than 80 local and international artists joined forces to covert the former prison into a luxurious and abstract art hostel. Each of the 20 converted cells has a different interior theme and the only way you know you’re sleeping in a prison is courtesy of the iron bars still bolted to the doorway.

A hand upside when you’re staying in Slovenia is the reciprocal health care agreement with Australia. Get a bit sick during your stay and your passport and Medicare card will help you get treatment at the local clinic or hospital.


10. Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin


We left the best to last and for good reason – there’s nowhere wackier than Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin. ‘Hotel’ barely covers it. A reservation at the Propeller Island City Lodge is like staying in a work of art.

The 30 rooms have been immaculately designed and decorated by German artist, Lars Stroschen. From Menageries featuring dual lion cages, to sleeping inside a closed coffin in a gothic labyrinth, there’s something at Propeller Island City Lodge to tickle all fancies.

Which hotel would you like to stay at?

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