We all know that one of the key reasons people go on a family vacation is to spend ‘quality time’ together and to share experiences and this kid focused travel site gets the whole family involved.

While the large financial decisions may be made by mum and dad – such as which airline to fly or which hotel to stay at – when it comes to the destination chosen or the attractions visited, it’s the kids who have a larger say.

Pester power is real, and kids play an important role in the decision making process. When engaged in the family planning process, kids are happier and feel empowered. So why not help parents put some of that control into the hands of their kids, and actively involve them in deciding where they go and what they do?

Kids are hugely tech savvy, and often turn to a mobile device to entertain and inform. If you can place in their hands a tool that will help them choose the finer details of the travel agenda, and also keep them entertained during transit, then why not?

Bound Round lets junior travellers watch videos about destinations and activities filmed by children their own age, as well as play games, email postcards and read up on different activities to do in over 1,000 destinations around the world (with click to book functionality). Kids can help parents plan their holiday before they leave or hop on the site while they travel, and plan on the go.

Kids love the peer-reviews and the site opens their eyes to all the opportunities for fun to be had in the end destination. It also helps parents figure out what will actually be fun for the kids and schedule these activities into their travel agenda to make sure that all members of the family are happy. Win, win!

Would you let your kids pick the next holiday destination?