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Discovering the Blue Mountains unseen beauty

With only a two hour drive from Sydney, the Blue Mountains offers scenic views, rich history and luxury which makes the area the perfect weekend-getaway for Sydneysiders.

With only a two hour drive from Sydney, the Blue Mountains offers scenic views, rich history and luxury which makes the area the perfect weekend-getaway for Sydneysiders.


With its breathtaking views and picturesque small towns the Blue Mountains is mainly known as a tourist attraction, however there area offers an impressing history to discover as well. If you are planning a get-away to the beautiful area there are a few places you should try to tick off and we have listed them below.

Hightea at Lilianfels.

Hightea at Lilianfels Resort & Spa.

Lilianfels Resort & Spa

Enjoying a delicious hightea at Lilianfels Resort & Spa is something you definitely shouldn’t miss out on if you’re visiting the Blue Mountains. Lilianfels offers a wide variety of biscuits and sandwiches beautifully presented on three-floor plate arrangements. To top it all off the resort offers a stunning view over the Blue Mountains’ endless seeming valleys.

Hydro Majestic

Whether you are looking to spend the night at this historic hotel or just keen to nip in for lunch, The Hydro Majestic is without a doubt worth a visit. Re-designed by Peter Reeve, the hotel recently re-opened its doors to the public earlier last month. Hydro Majestic’s diversity and Reeve’s passion for detail makes it a place of both history and modernity at the same time.

During the restoration several of the old inventory and furniture were re-used which has helped to conserve the spirit of the old days which was Peter Reeve prior aim, to revitalise the old spirit of Hydro Majestic as well as making it as modern as possible.

“I didn’t want to put my stamp on it, but to breathe new life in the Hydro Majestic again.”

                   Peter Reeve

Hydro Majestic's Tea Lounge.

Hydro Majestic’s Tea Lounge.

 Parklands Country Gardens & Lodges

Only an hour and forty minutes away from Sydney you will find Parklands Country Gardens & Lodges which offers tranquility, great food and spa treatments. This is a perfect place to bring your partner for a romantic weekend or if you are looking to simply relax. The staff at Parklands is incredibly personal and friendly and you immediately feel very welcomed and if you are looking for a bite to eat this magnificent place offers an overwhelming menu and very impressive cocktails.


Mayfield Garden

Whilst visiting the Blue Mountains it is worth checking out the Mayfield Garden which is located just a short drive from the town centre. The garden began to take shape in the mid-1990’s and is today one of the world’s largest privately owned cool climate gardens.

Owned by the Hawkins family, Mayfield Garden extends across more than 160 acres (64H) and sits within a 5,000 acre working farm. Numerous follies and features are blended into the landscape: the breathtaking 80metre cascade, the walled kitchen garden; the stunning tourist destination the Water Garden; the aviary, chapel, rose garden and Islamic style pond.

The Mayfield Garden.

The Mayfield Garden.

Josophan’s Chocolate Manufacture

Leura offers a wide range of boutiques and shops along the high street and for everyone with a sweet tooth make sure you make a stop at Josophan’s Chocolate Manufacture. This place offers chocolate tasting to ensure you are picking up your favourite chocolate flavour whether it’s mint, chilli or caramel.

Josophan's Chocolate Manufactory.

Josophan’s Chocolate Manufactory.


What’s your travel tip for the Blue Mountains?