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BE MY GUEST: Experiences that will make you feel like a local

Are you craving a truly unique and authentic holiday experience, but don't want to pay an arm and a leg to make it happen?

Are you craving a truly unique and authentic holiday experience, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to make it happen?


Look no further, we have you covered. There are several ways to have an authentic holiday overseas without all the tourists but it’s often very difficult to find and zealously over-priced. Luckily, Trafalgar have given their guests 10 years of truly life-changing experiences by providing them with the included Be My Guest program. Have a sneak peek at what you could experience in 2019/20.


Explore a 17th Century farm in France


Join the Montferrier family, Beatrice & her daughter Alexandra as they take you on a tour of their manor farm near the famous Chateau De Villandry.

Descending from a 12th Century noble family is no easy fete but given that Beatrice is an ex. USA & Mexican diplomat – her story of finding her family roots & reliving them with Trafalgar guests is incomparable.

Did we mention you also get a guided tour of her garden & finish the day with her world-famous chocolate cake AND a three-course meal with local wines? Yes, this is what heaven sounds like.


Visit the Castle of Trebbio in Italy

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Experience the history of the infamous Pazzi & Medici feud when Alberto & Anna Baj-Macario take you on a private tour of their family castle.

Explore the historic dungeons which have since been converted into Wine cellars and be treated to a delicious organic supper with ingredients sourced within a 1km radius of the castle. The day doesn’t end there, with Wine Tasting created by the Trebbio’s themselves.

After all, who doesn’t want local connection when they travel, and to feel that they are not just a cultural bystander, but instead are able to dig deep in a personal and local way into the countries they are visiting?


Relive the great Muhammad Ali days


An almost impossible experience to have in Louisville without sheer luck & persistence but Trafalgar make reliving the glory days of Muhammad Ali easy & respectful.

Visit the Interactive Muhammad Ali boxing Centre, guided by his six core principles and developed to embody the difference he strived to make in his community.

There is no other way to experience this piece of history other than the first-hand account of stories from his brother, friends, relatives or neighbours. Through carefully nourished relationships in the USA – Trafalgar will bring your inner history-buff to life!


If you are already creating life-changing travel experiences & you haven’t booked your customer on a Trafalgar guided holiday for 2019 – are you really giving them the best the world has to offer? Well, it couldn’t hurt to make sure!

Convinced you need to book your guests on Trafalgar? Find out more below.


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Which Be My Guest experience do you want to discover?

Written by KARRYON contributor Mel Bobbermien

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