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SUMMER LOVIN’: Soak up Patagonia's beauty while the sun soaks the scenery

Patagonia is becoming the hot destination to visit during the southern hemisphere summer! With charm seeping from every nook and cranny, it's easy to understand Patagonia's rise to fame.

Patagonia is becoming the hot destination to visit during the southern hemisphere summer! With charm seeping from every nook and cranny, it’s easy to understand Patagonia’s rise to fame.

Summer days promise extra hours of sunlight, pleasant temperatures befit outdoor exploring, there are loads of baby animals waddling around, wildflowers carpet the spectacular landscape, and the snow is up so high it only crowns the soaring Andean summits.

Those keen on exploring this wilderness stretching across Chile and Argentina in South America’s sun-baked summer, need to lock it down now. Hidden gems, don’t stay hidden for too long so spaces are booking up fast!


The dramatic destination is not only becoming increasingly popular with Aussies seeking to stray from the tourist trail, but luxury lodges like Tierra Patagonia and Awasi Patagonia fill rapidly during the peak sightseeing weeks.

To get the most out of your adventure, and kick start your itinarery check out these hand picked, favourite four locations to visit when venturing into this frontier.




The national park is a stone’s throw from Ushuaia on Argentina’s southern tip is home to a menagerie of wildlife – guanacos, red foxes, Andean condors, Magellanic penguins – with a network of walking trails winding from inland lakes to the weather-beaten coastline.

You can explore all this and more with Chimu Adventures on the Ventus Australis: Fjords of Tierra Del Fuego itinerary.



Chilean Patagonia on South America’s west coast is the place to find Torres Del Paine National Park with Chimu Adventures offering travellers the chance to stay in EcoCamp Patagonia, the region’s first sustainable accommodation on the Torres Del Paine Discovery itinerary.

By night, doze off under the mesmerizing starts as you’re snug as a bug in a rug in your sustainable (and remarkable) dome. By day, embark on daily wildlife excursions and guided treks guaranteed to fulfil your adventurous soul.




Argentina’s largest national park hides high in the Austral Andes with Chimu Adventures describing the Perito Moreno Glacier as the jewel in the destination’s crown and an impressive landmark that’s “colossally grandiose, thunderously alive and breathtakingly unstoppable’’.

Standing at 75 metres above sea level, this magnificent natural masterpiece is a remnant of the last Ice Age approximately 18,000 years ago! Don’t forget your camera, this one is a beauty.




This protected wilderness – found on the western side of Chiloe Island in Chile’s far south – is another of Patagonia’s secret spots with the national park covering the foothills of the coastal range and promising the chance to explore dunes, swamps, peat bogs and rainforests.

Explore the best parts of Chiloe National Park on the Chiloe Island Visit  tour, and immerse yourself in the culture and colourful structures of the Chiloe Island.


Chimu Adventures can tailor experiences in both Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia with a selection of itineraries.

With trips nearly fully booked for the 2019/2020 Patagonian summer, now is the time to lock down your bookings with Chimu Adventures to travel next summer – 2020/2021.

Most of Chimu Adventures’ destination specialists have travelled to Patagonia so can share their experience while tailoring a trip that caters to each client’s taste and budget. What are you waiting for? Get in contact with them today to start planning your epic Patagonia trip.


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Have you been to Patagonia in the warmer months?

The article was written by KARRYON contributor Sarah Nicholson

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