If you’re not fond of heights, then this ‘see through pool’ on the 40th floor is probably not going to be your kind of place to hang out and relax.

The epic, glass bottomed pool is at the top of a new apartment and Condo development – Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas and has already been receiving plenty of attention for its daredevil appeal.

Why? Because the pool is 152 metres above the road and 40 floors up and allows you to swim, float and fly at the same time.

Pretty cool – If you like that kind of thing.

Transparent Pool Market Square Tower

In a video posted to the building’s Facebook page, a plucky swimmer gives you an eye watering bird’s eye view of what you’ll see below as you take a leap of faith walking onto the glass platform.


But don’t panic.

Thankfully there’s an eight inch thick panel made from plexiglas that lies between you and the ground below.

Clearly plenty of people are up for it as the video has already had almost 3 million views on Facebook and no doubt plenty of interest from investors and thrill seekers alike. Now that’s what you call a clever PR stunt.

The luxury tower for high rollers also features an indoor basketball court, poker suite and a movie theatre for those that can afford it. Because renting an apartment out will cost you between $2400 and $25,000 per month.

Would you be up for swimming in the see through pool? Or ever swam in something similar? Share your thoughts below.