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Quality Time? Set Off On A Family Friendly Retreat With Intrepid

Intrepid has launched four new family retreats for parents, children, and teens wishing to spend time exploring the world together.

Intrepid has launched four new family retreats for parents, children, and teens wishing to spend time exploring the world together.

Despite travel uncertainty, Intrepid Travel has seen unprecedented demand for its family tours over the last several months, prompting the company to create new retreat-style tours geared towards quality family adventure time.

“After months spent indoors away from friends and classmates, we’ve seen families are eager to get out and explore the world once it is safe to do so, and have a desire to reconnect with both nature and like-minded people,”

Dyan Mckie, Intrepid’s family product manager.

The four new Family Retreats, based in Morocco, Turkey and England, will have groups immerse themselves in one location in handpicked accommodation with nearby experiences.

This new tour style celebrates ‘slow travel’ and allows adventurers to engage with the surrounding communities away from the crowds and in a more controlled setting. 

Each itinerary has been designed to benefit local communities affected by the pandemic, while also providing enriching activities for children and parents who have spent the majority of 2020 indoors due to the pandemic.

Turkey Family Retreat: Fethiye

Intrepid Family

This tour has families reconnecting with the natural beauty of the world with a retreat that celebrates nature, wildlife, and local cuisine. In addition to visiting a turtle rehabilitation center, you’ll also enjoy the clear, blue waters of the Mediterranean and an easy hike through the stunning mountainous terrain between Kayakoy to Oludeniz Beach.

You can also learn some new family favorites in a traditional meze cooking class with locally foraged produce. Yummy!

5 Days, from AUD $1,070 per person

Morocco Family Retreat: Ouirgane

Intrepid Family
Morocco Retreat

The calm and comforts of Amazigh (Berber) hospitality await on this retreat to Ouirgage, on the edges of Mt. Toubkal National Park. You’ll leave the modern world of Marrakech behind and journey to a home away from home to enjoy time to reconnect with your family.

Hike the hills through small villages and farms, hang out with the locals, try your hand at making some iconic local dishes and enjoy a pool overlooking the mountains.

4 days, from AUD $605 per person

England Family Retreat: Cornwall

Intrepid Family

Explore England’s southwest coast, soaking up the views of sun, sand and sea from your family-run accommodation and during walks through the history and nature of this proper ‘ansom section of Cornish countryside.

You will also experience a private yoga and wellness session and a visit to a small, family-run bakery that makes Cornish pasties the traditional way.

4 days, from AUD $980 per person

England Family Retreat: Peak District

Intrepid Family

You and your family can enjoy Britain’s first national park and explore its forested valleys and small stone villages threaded by walking trails during this new retreat.

Based out of the quintessential country town of Castleton, you will walk your way to the scenic villages of Bamford and Bakewell, along the banks of the River Derwent, passing farms, woods, cottages, and more, while stopping along the way to grab a tea in a shop that supports, and is run by, the local community.

3 days, from AUD $670 per person

Safe Travels

Intrepid Travel
Morocco Retreat

Each of these new tours will operate under Intrepid’s new Safe Travels health protocols, developed in partnership with the WTTC.

In preparation for travel to resume, Intrepid recently introduced a new Flexible Bookings policy to make you feel at ease when booking your holiday.

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