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Rockies, Parks & Culture: Road Trippin' through the USA has never looked so good!

The wind blowing through your hair, adventure coursing through your veins – these iconic road trips promise equal doses of natural beauty, historical charm and American charm. Buckle up!

The wind blowing through your hair, adventure coursing through your veins – these iconic road trips promise equal doses of natural beauty, historical charm and American charm. Buckle up!

A country as large as the United States absolutely demands your own set of wheels. No other way will you have the freedom to explore at your own pace, unravelling the natural, cultural and historical legacies of this great land and discovering its many, many secrets…

Indeed, armed with these handy road trip guides and nothing but the open road ahead of you, you’re definitely in for an adventure of epic proportions!

So what are you waiting for? Read on to get a sense of what awaits your clients on these two iconic four-wheeled adventures through the mighty USA.

Drivers: start your engines…

Road Trip #1: Rocky Mountains & the Great Plains

Fast facts
  • Starts: Denver, Colorado
  • Ends: Denver, Colorado
  • How long: Allow 14 days
  • Distance: 3,337 km
Red Rocks, Denver ©Brand USA
Red Rocks, Denver ©Brand USA

This adventure kicks off in Denver, a city as diverse as the landscapes of the US of A. Before immersing yourself in the great outdoors, though, spend some time marvelling at its towering skyscrapers before diving into the local art scene with a visit to the Denver Art Museum. Before leaving, don’t forget to raise a glass to Denver’s craft beer legacy on the Denver Beer Trail – cheers!

The next morning, it’s time to strap in for the drive to Cañon City, where you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into a Wild West movie set. On the way, stop in Colorado Springs and check out the unique sandstone formations at Garden of the Gods Park.

Then continue onwards to Vail, a ski town so posh even the snowflakes wear top hats! Take in the mountain vistas and maybe spot a moose or two before cozying up in an alpine lodge for even more road trippin’ fun tomorrow…

Hit the road again and make a pit stop in Glenwood Springs where you can soothe your weary bones in natural hot springs. For adrenaline junkies, some amazing whitewater rafting opportunities can also be found in the area, too. It’s then time to continue to Grand Junction for a taste of Colorado’s fruity side – think vineyards, wine tastings, and views that’ll make your jaw drop!

Next on the road trip agenda is looking for dinosaur fossils at Dinosaur National Monument. Keep an eye out for wild elk and mule deer in the area as you hike through these prehistoric landscapes, some of which feature ancient petroglyphs, such as at McKee Springs.

For even more wild animal spotting, head to the historic mining town of Rock Springs, where wild horses roam and the scenery is just as breathtaking as you’d imagine it to be…

Wakey wakey! It’s time to buckle up for a drive to the incredible and world-famous Yellowstone National Park. A natural wonderland that really needs no introduction, stand back and marvel in awe as shooting geysers stand as bursting testaments to the geothermal activity bubbling underneath. Make sure you keep your cameras ready (and charged) for Old Faithful’s performance and don’t miss a chance to explore the park’s wild side by doing one of the many day hikes on the park’s backcountry trails – you might even spot some wild grizzly bears, wolves, elk, bison and moose!

It’s now time to head north to Billings (past the historic railroad town of Livingston) where the Old West meets modern-day charm. Explore its interesting museums, snap a selfie at Moss Mansion, and maybe even catch a rodeo – it’s as quintessential to U.S. culture as apple pie.

Yellowstone, Wyoming ©Brand USA/Talia Salem
Yellowstone, Wyoming ©Brand USA/Talia Salem

Back in the driver’s seat, venture east to Medora and take in the rugged beauty of the Badlands and the photogenic landscapes of the Northern Great Plains. Then, head off to Rapid City for a taste of history at Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial. Feel like a pioneer as you explore the Black Hills and soak in the wild west vibes and then drive to the appropriately-named Hot Springs to relax in its mineral springs after uncovering ancient fossils at the nearby Mammoth Site.

We’re coming towards the final sections of this epic road trip, but some would say we’ve left the best to last as we travel south to Scotts Bluff National Monument – where you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time as you walk in the footsteps of pioneers on the Oregon Trail – and then to the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park, via Estes Park. Go for a hike through its flowering meadows, or a scenic drive past dramatic peaks, and breathe in the fresh mountain air as you explore the iconic Rockies where adventure literally lurks around every craggy corner!

Sadly it’s time to wrap this road trip up and head back to Denver. If you didn’t get a chance to explore LoDo – the city’s oldest neighbourhood – definitely do this now, checking out the Colorado Rockies Baseball Stadium and the many bars and restaurants in the area for a final meal and drink to what is guaranteed to be one hell of a road trip!

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Road Trip #2: National Parks and American Indian Cultures

Fast facts
  • Starts: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ends: Phoenix, Arizona
  • How long: Allow 5 days
  • Distance: 1,484 km
Grand Canyon National Park ©Brand USA/Shirley Setia
Grand Canyon National Park ©Brand USA/Shirley Setia

Get ready to embark on a wild ride through the stunning wonders of the American Southwest. We’re kicking off this journey in the Greater Phoenix Area, where you’ll float above the Sonoran Desert like a boss in a hot-air balloon. Gaze down and marvel at the desert’s splendour, but don’t get too distracted – there’s golfing galore with over 200 courses to conquer – if you’re into that.

If not, all good! Because you can also check out the amazing Desert Botanical Garden and traipse through trails teeming with unique Southwestern flora and fauna, go shopping at the outlet malls or splurge at Biltmore Fashion Park, or tackle the rugged trails of Camelback Mountain, where even the cacti have attitude.

And for you culture vultures, the Heard Museum awaits with its stash of over 44,000 art and artifacts. Plus, nothing beats the views from Dobbins Lookout at South Mountain Park – it’s like Instagram heaven up there!

Next stop: Grand Canyon National Park! But first, we’re making a pit stop at Montezuma Castle National Monument, a place where ancient cliff dwellings tower over the landscape like something out of a Flintstones episode. Then it’s off to Sedona, the land of spiritual gurus and mystical vibes. Don’t forget to snap a selfie with a vortex or two!

Flagstaff, aka the USA’s “Mother Road” (whatever that means), is our next quirky detour. Cruise down Route 66 and soak in the retro Americana vibes before finally arriving at the pièce de résistance – the Grand Canyon! It’s big, it’s deep, and iconic for good reason!

Then it’s onward to Mesa Verde National Park, home to some of the best-preserved cave dwellings in North America, where you can channel your inner Indiana Jones as you explore these marvels of ancient architecture. And hey, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll stumble upon a hidden treasure or two – just watch out for boulders!

The last leg of our road trip takes us back to Phoenix, but not before a whirlwind tour of Chaco Culture National Historic Park and the Navajo Nation, as well as the Petrified Forest National Park which boasts fossils over 200 million years old!

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